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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
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Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP)

Division of Federal Employees' Compensation (DFEC)

District Office 2 — New York — Contact Information

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"Our Customers are our Priority"

The purpose of the Federal Employees' Compensation program is to provide Federal employees who sustain work-related injury or disease with adequate and timely benefits for medical care and wage loss replacement, as well as assistance in returning to work where necessary.

The program's customers include claimants, employing agencies, unions, congressional offices, providers and attorneys.

Mailing Address

District Office 2 - New York

U.S. Department of Labor
Office of Workers Compensation Programs
P.O. Box 8300 - Region 2
London, Kentucky 40742-8300
Fax (212) 863-0801

Congressional inquiries should be mailed to:

U.S. Department of Labor
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
201 Varick Street, Room 740
New York, NY 10014

Medical authorization requests should be faxed to (800)215-4901.

Pharmacy inquires may be made to (866)664-5581.

Medical authorization Requests and Bill Inquiries may be made to (866)335-8319

Fax Numbers

(212) 863-0801

Customer Service Phone Line (212) 863-0800

You may contact us via the following link: Contact Us. You should generally get a response to your inquiry within 1-2 work days.

To speak directly with one of our representative or leave a message about specific claims, Workers Compensation Programs Procedures or general questions, call our customer service line from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Your call will be answered by one of our representatives. Please be advised that due to the high volume of calls we receive every day a reply to a message in our mail box may take up to three business days.

Email Updates

Subscribe to Email updates for the New York District office by click on the following link: DFEC-New York Updates

Automated Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) — 202-693-0040

If you have a touch-tone telephone, you can use our automated INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE ( IVR) information system. It saves your time when you want to get information regarding compensation checks payments. In addition you can get useful information such as how to file claims, submit bills or change your address. This system is operates 24 hours a day , so you can call us anytime.

Before using the system please remember to have at hand:

  • The 9-digit OWCP case file number.
  • The injured worker's social security number (SSN)
  • Medical providers must have their EIN/TAX ID# to check bills.

Please Note

  • For cases that end with letter "P" do not include the "P" when entering the number.
  • Old cases that start with letter "X" please contact our customer service line at (646) 264-3000 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • The majority of the cases in District 2 start with an "A2" or "02" prefix, when entering the file number do not include the letter "A". For example enter case file number A2-943567 as 020943567 followed by the pound sign (#).

All telephone calls go through our IVR system, which provides instructions at each step. Callers are automatically routed to the main menu. The main menu has three options:

Press 1: Choose this for information about compensation checks, medical bills, and physical therapy authorization.

Press 2: Choose this for general information regarding the Federal Compensation Employees' Act, such as how to file a claim, how to submit a bill, and how to change your address.

Press the asterisk (*) to repeat the main menu.

Further instructions follow each option. Listen carefully to all instructions and options.

Questions About the IVR System

I submitted a claim for compensation (Form CA7) to my employer. Can I find out the status of the claim by using IVR?

You can use IVR to see whether the claim was paid, but IVR cannot verify claims that are still pending or claims not received by OWCP. Allow a reasonable period of time before calling for the status of a claim. It takes time for the employing agency to verify certain information needed for the claim. The employing agency submits the claim within 5 working days to OWCP for processing. Allow approximately 3 weeks total processing time (from the time submitted to your agency) before calling on the status of the claim.

I receive automatic periodic roll payments. How can I find out when the next check will be issued?

On the main menu, press 1 for information on compensation checks, and an option for the next periodic roll payment date will follow. This also tells you the date of last payment, if the last payment was made within the last year.

I need information that is not provided by the IVR system.How can I contact a Claims Examiner or Bill Resolution Clerk?

If it is necessary to speak with a Claims Examiner about your claim, press zero (0) on the main menu or subsequent sub-menus (listen for option), or stay on the line for an Operator. If the Claims Examiner is unavailable, you will be able to leave a computerized message that you called or a voice mail message. In either case, someone will call you back. Note that return calls may take more than one work day. When calling, if you have already heard the Claims Examiner's recorded greeting before, you may press the pound (#) key to bypass it and begin recording immediately.

Pressing zero (0) in the main menu directs your call to the assigned Claims Examiner. If there is no answer, a voice mail message may be left by pressing 9 and then the option for voice mail. If you are in a sub-menu, you can reach the Claims Examiner by pressing 0. If there is no answer, let the phone roll over three times. You can always get back to the main menu from sub-menus, and press 0 in the main menu.

OWCP Agency Query System (AQS)

The OWCP Agency Query system (AQS) is now available over the Internet to authorized personnel from Federal Employing Agencies. The AQS is a secure Internet site that provides access to information on FEC injury claims. The information available includes current claims status, compensation payment history and medical bill payment history.

Due to Privacy Act considerations, Federal agencies should not request personal information over the Internet. Instead call or write to our Office.

If an Employing Agency wants to access the AQS, contact the agency headquarters for information on their policy on access for individual users. Or the agency may contact this OWCP National Office e-mail address:

By using the AQS you can have access to:

  • IW case query: Display detail information on Injured Worker cases like demographic data, up to date case status information and compensation and bill payment history data.
  • Compensation Payment History of the case.
  • Information related to CA-7: date was received, date received by CE, date keyed into automated payment system, decision code and date.
  • Bill Payment History: summary of all the bills submitted for medical treatment, physical therapy, supplies and travel expenses. Provides date of service, type of provider, charge amount, amount paid by this office, date check went out. In addition, indicates if a bill is still in process or if it was denied.