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United States Department of Labor
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FY 2012 Sustainability and Energy Performance Scorecard

The Department of Labor's (the Department or DOL) FY2012 sustainability and energy performance scorecard demonstrates our continuing commitment to help create a clean energy economy that increases our nation's prosperity and complies with all environmental and energy statutes, regulations and Executive Orders.

The Department's programs are not significantly involved in substantial greenhouse gas-emitting production processes. The Department does, however, have challenges in the sustainability arena with 99 percent of the Department's buildings on 126 Job Corps Center (JCC) campuses nationwide comprised of aged, unsustainable building stock and a headquarters building built in the early 1970s.

Despite these challenges, the Department achieved significant sustainability successes in FY2012:

  • Under the leadership of our Deputy Secretary, the Department's multi-agency IT system modernization and integration and data center consolidation continued;
  • 100% of FY12 reviewed contracts complied with sustainable acquisition requirements;
  • All electronic stewardship goals were met;
  • Ensured Federal Procurement Data System and focus acquisition compliance reviews on bio-based contract actions; and
  • Used DOL's Automotive Usage Tracking Online System in conjunction with GSA's Vehicle Acquisition Methodology to ensure DOL agencies right-size their fleets.

And at Job Corps:

  • Trained Job Corps students in green trades, including smart metering, weatherization, and solar installation;
  • Implemented the JCC Sustainability Intensive process (which reviews and retro-commissions individual JC buildings to achieve energy efficiency and savings and reduce greenhouse gas footprint) at 2 JCCs;
  • Certified 1 JCC as having achieved the New Construction Standard of the Federal Guiding Principles for High Performance Buildings;
  • Achieved the mandated Federal agency goal of 5% of energy from renewable energy with purchase of Renewable Energy Credits.
  • Completed web-based training in recycling and water conservation at 50% of the JC sites;
  • Reported in Federal Real Property Profile that at least 0.7% of the buildings met the Federal Guiding Principles for High Performance Buildings;
  • Completed EISA Section 432 energy audits at 5 additional Job Corps Centers; and
  • Using electric vehicles avoided at least 5 metric tons of greenhouse gases through June 2012.

May 2013