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United States Department of Labor
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DOL Customer Service Plan

"Using a channel-agnostic, customer-first approach, DOL is modernizing its capabilities to deal with stakeholders, information seekers, and employees."

The Department of Labor is — in many ways — a customer service agency. Our constituents range from migrant farm workers with limited English proficiency to CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, and include individuals along the entire range of that spectrum. The Department's mission is to "foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners, job seekers, and retirees of the United States; improve working conditions; advance opportunities for profitable employment; and assure work-related benefits and rights."

To accomplish this mission, DOL must allow individuals to contact the Department easily through multiple channels — promoting a "no wrong door" policy that allows customers to access information that is accurate, timely, and delivered professionally via phone, email, in-person appointment, or any number of other media. The Department's approach to customer service must be "channel agnostic."

As required by President Obama's Executive Order on Improving Customer Service , DOL has developed a comprehensive customer service plan that identifies specific actions and initiatives to further advance DOL's customer service profile over the next year, focusing on one technology-driven signature initiative and three key service areas: workers in federal contracting, worker safety and health, and worker rights. These service areas capture high-volume, critical interactions between DOL and the public.

See below for specific details of DOL's Customer Service Plan:

Connect with Customers

  • Improve the customer experience by adopting proven best practices in the customer service industry and coordinating informational consistency across service channels (including on-line, mobile, phone, in-person, mail, and others).
  • Establish mechanisms to solicit customer feedback on government services, use feedback to regularly measure success, and make necessary service improvements based on customer input.

Set, Communicate, and Use Customer Service Standards

  • Set clear customer service standards and expectations, including performance goals in customer service for agencies where appropriate.
  • Streamline agency processes to reduce costs and accelerate delivery.
  • Leverage changes and best practices to reduce the need for customer calls and inquiries which require direct interaction and require manpower resources.

Leverage Technology and Innovation

  • Establish a "signature initiative" that will use technology to improve the customer experience.
  • Identify ways to use innovative technologies to accomplish the customer service activities listed above. As a result:
    • Lower Costs.
    • Decrease delivery times for customer service.
    • Measure performance.

Customer Service Program Feedback

To make DOL's Customer Service Plan a success, we need your input. If you have ideas, please email us at