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Office of the Secretary
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No Sweat Garment Enforcement Report October 1995 - March 1996

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Wage & Hour Division
U.S. Department of Labor
Robert B. Reich, Secretary

"The Department of Labor is committed to eradicating garment sweatshops and bringing the industry into compliance with U.S. labor laws. Americans do not want sweatshop conditions to exist in their communities. We hope that the Administration's emphasis on encouraging manufacturers not to do business with known unscrupulous contractors and to monitor formally their contractors for compliance with minimum wage and overtime laws can bring long lasting positive changes in the working conditions for this country's workers."

Secretary of Labor Robert B. Reich

The Department of Labor is engaged in a multi-pronged strategy ofenforcement, recognition, and education to eradicate sweatshops in this country.


The Wage and Hour Division conducts targeted enforcement sweeps in major garment centers and notifies manufacturers of the "hot goods" provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act which prevents the shipment of goods made in violation by contractors.


In December 1995, the Department issued its first Trendsetter List, highlighting retailers and manufacturers which have assumed responsibility for monitoring practices of contractors which make their garments.


The Department recently announced its garment public service announcement initiative including print and radio public service announcements and a new Internet World Wide Web site to provide information to consumers interested in helping to combat sweatshops.

This report consists of a contractors and manufacturers list and enforcement statistics for the first six months of the current fiscal year. The manufacturers list contains the names of firms Wage and Hour has contacted to notify them that contractors with whom they do business have been investigated and found to violate the FLSA. The report also contains enforcement results in the industry from October 1, 1995 through March 31, 1996.

How the list was compiled:

As part of its enforcement process, the Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division contacts a garment manufacturer when an investigation reveals that a sewing contractor with whom the manufacturer does business has violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Listed below are the names of manufacturers contacted between October 1, 1995 and March 31, 1995 and informed of contractor violations. The contractors and manufacturers are included on this list based on investigative findings of violations, not a judicial determination that any firm has violated the law.

All of the violations have been resolved and back wages paid by either the contractor or the manufacturer. Payment of back wages does not constitute an admission of liability by any firm.

This list also indicates the amount of back wages recovered for workers as a result of investigations of contractors. Only those completed investigations in which back wages were recovered in excess of $1,000, whether for employees of a contractor or manufacturer, are included on the list. Manufacturers on the list did not necessarily receive goods produced in violation of the FLSA for which back wages were owed or pay all or part of the back wages: Wage and Hour notifies manufacturers of violations by contractors with whom they did business during the relevant time frame regardless of whether the goods involved were produced for that manufacturer. The manufacturer may or may not still be doing business with the contractor.

The contractors are listed in descending order by the amount of back wages recovered. However, the severity of contractors' violations cannot be compared on the basis of the dollar amounts on this list. Back wage amounts paid to contractor employees vary based upon the facts, circumstances and time periods involved.

Manufacturers on the list that have agreed to monitor their contractors for future compliance are designated with an asterisk (*).

This list does not constitute an endorsement by the federal government of any company, nor does it constitute disapproval of any company.






Fantasy MFG1, Santa Ana, CA

Bally Fashion, New York, NY


Lesley Fay*, New York, NY

YNS Sewing, Garland, Tx


Karman*, Denver, CO

Ma's Sewing Co. #1, S.F., CA


Byer California*, S.F., CA

New Ace, New York, NY

$41, 947

Andrea Behar, New York, NY

Southwest Sewing, Grand Prairie, TX


H.L. Miller, Iola, KS

3-T Sewing, Dallas, TX


Focus Apparel, Dallas, TX

H&T Sewing, Garland, TX

$33, 871

Central Falls, Garland, TX

LHLL Fashions, Brooklyn, NY

$32, 322

Allison Tracy, New York, NY

- -

Zee International*, New York, NY

S.Y. Lee, Garland, TX


Sharon Young, Dallas, TX

Glory Fashions, New York, NY


Vision Apparel USA*, New York, NY

G.T. Sportswear, Inc., New Bedford, MA


David Brooks, Dedham, MA

Jeans Compostela Magnit, Vernon, CA


RSV Sports, Inc.*, Commerce, CA

Sun Fashion, Los Angeles, CA


Crystal Design, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Kandy Kiss, Pacoima, CA

- -

Mode Chocolate, Los Angeles, CA

Prelude Sportswear, Los Angeles, CA


Azteca, Commerce, CA

- -

Paris Blues*, Los Angeles, CA

Tennessee River Mfr., Adamsville, TN


Wicker's, Cormack, New York

Newtown Co., Los Angeles, CA


Azteca, Commerce, CA

- -

Eunina*, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Goods Mfr. W/Care, Culver City, CA

- -

Grind, Huntington Beach, VA

- -

Group B., Vernon, CA

- -

Little Man, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Paris Blues*, Los Angeles, CA

- -

St. Germain, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Yes, Los Angeles, CA

Am-Way, New York, NY


Depeche Mode*, New York, NY

High Tech, New York, NY


4U Sportswear, New York, NY

- -

New Ace, New York, NY

Joseph's Cutting, Inc., New Bedford, MA


David Brooks, Dedham, MA

JD&W Sewing, S.F., CA


Resource Prod., S.F., CA

Ajoo, Inc., Passaic, NJ


Periscope Sportswear, North Bergen, NJ

Kazu, Inc., Los Angeles, CA


Jim Elliot, Huntington Pk, CA

- -

Jonathan Martin, Los Angeles, CA

- -

N.S. Collection, Los Angeles, CA

Precision Sewing


BB Apparel

Garden Grove, CA


Los Angeles, CA

- -

Bethal Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Bunniel, Los Angeles, CA

- -

DK Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Forum/Colors, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Mimosa, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Oh Yes, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Pandemonium, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Tempo, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Topaz, Los Angeles, CA

Italy Int'l, South El Monte, CA


Jowett Garment Factory, Los Angeles, CA

- -

LaBelle*, Los Angeles, CA

Neko Fashions, New York, NY


Total Control Apparel*, New York, NY

Nodi Fashions, West New York, NJ


Periscope, West Orange, NJ

Grow Rich, New York, NY


CHM, New York, NY

- -

Notations Clothing*, Huntington, PA

BT&T Fashion, Santa Ana, CA


Ann Klein-Sirena, El Monte, CA

- -

Counter Culture, Huntington Beach, CA

- -

Yaga, Inc., Irvine, CA

D&E, New York, NY


Notations Clothing*, Huntington, PA

Hass Outdoors, Westpoint, MS


Halls Mfr., Sunbright, TN

Don Fashion, Santa Ana, CA


Gazoz Sportswear, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Switch USA, Today, Los Angeles, CA

KP Fashion, Los Angeles, CA


Tapestry, Compton, CA

Kowoon, New York, NY


Periwinkle, New York, NY

Dynamite, Brooklyn, NY


Norton McNaughton*, New York, NY

LeFamily Sewing, Garland, TX


Central Falls, Garland, TX

Nittany, Inc., Long Island City, NY


BCL, New York, NY

- -

Object D'Art*, New York, NY

K You, New York, NY


Norton McNaughton*, New York, NY



Norma Fashions*, Miami, FL

Eric Fashions, Union City, NJ


Melody, New York, NY

- -

SCA Isle, New York, NY

Calway, Inc., Westminster, CA


Guess Classics/Paul D'Avril, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Quicksilver*, Costa Mesa, CA

Dong Do, New York, NY


Vision Apparel, USA*, New York, NY

Jeff's Cutting, Fall River, MA


Cape Cod Needleworks, Brockton, MA

- -

Essex, Mfg., Fall River, MA

- -

Foxcroft, Fall River, MA

- -

Susan Bristol, Boston, MA

HL Easy Way, New York, NY


Miss Juli, New York, NY

Parcel, Los Angeles, CA


Creative Garments, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Guild, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Michel, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

- -

Team Tactics, Los Angeles, CA

Long Fashion, Garland, TX


Central Falls, Garland, TX

Empress Sewing, Oakland, CA


J&M Varon, Aliso Viejo, CA

Family Fashion, Garland, TX


Carol First, Dallas, TX

Hong Hing Sewing Co., Oakland, CA


Fritzi California*, S.F., CA

- -

Mycra Pac, Lafayette, CA

L.C. Apparel, Fairfax, VA


Seibel & Stern, Bridgeton, NJ

Jenny's Apparel, Cerritos, CA


Dori Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Rose Fashions, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Veronica Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

Blue N'Blue, Los Angeles, CA


Navi Mfg., Los Angeles, CA

- -

Paris Blues*, Los Angeles, CA

- -

RSV Sports, Inc.*, Commerce, CA

Meiga Apparel, Garland, TX


Central Falls, Garland, TX

EDCCA, Los Angeles, CA


Jerry Leigh, Los Angeles, CA

M&L Sewing, S.F., CA


David Wayne, S.F., CA

G&A Bias, Los Angeles, CA


ABS, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Average, Los Angeles, CA

- -

BeBop Clothing, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Body Waves, Garden Grove, CA

- -

CA Connection, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Carol Anderson

- -

Rancho Dominguez, CA

- -

Choon, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Chorus Line*, Vernon, CA

- -

City Lights, Los Angeles, CA

- -

GSL*, Commerce CA

- -

Interelements, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Italian Club, Vernon, CA

- -

LA Gold*, Vernon, CA

- -

Little Filly*, Commerce, CA

- -

Seams Great, Del Mar, CA

- -

Sharon Anthony, Gardena, CA

- -

Sung Do*, Rancho Dominguez, CA

- -

US Boys, Vernon, CA

Louie's Sewing Shop, S.F., CA


Byer California*, S.F., CA

Sin Comentarios, Long Island City, NY


Cool Wear*, New York, NY



Broadway Hat*1, New York, NY

Liang's Sewing, San Francisco, CA


David Wayne, San Francisco, CA

K&D Fashion, Los Angeles, CA


Asriel Fashion, Los Angeles, cA

- -

Celavie, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Regine, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Rock Candy, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Zoompy Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

K&Y Fashion, Los Angeles, CA


ABA Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Mira Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Patty Ahn, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Star Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Superline Line Cutting, Los Angeles, CA

Carol's Fashion, Los Angeles, CA


Top Ten, Los Angeles, CA

Pari, Los Angeles, CA


Monarch Knit & Sportswear, Los Angeles, CA

Jong Lee, New York, NY


Lee & Family*, New York, NY

Forever Studio, New York, NY


Ashley Scott, New York, NY

Debra Fashion, Los Angeles, CA


Poly Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

Bart Sportwear, Brooklyn, NY


Necessary Objects, New York, NY

- -

Object D'Art, New York, NY

Chui Heng, Inc., Los Angeles, CA


Children Co., Los Angeles, CA

- -

Jean Zone, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Kids for Kids, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Mirana Clothing Co., Los Angeles, CA

Stitches Apparel, Philadelphia, PA


Hartstrings, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

C.R. Sportswear, West New York, NJ


Periscope, West Orange, NY

Kinbeau, Inc., S.F., CA


JJ'S Rainbeau, S.F., CA



Accent Fabrics*1, Lumberton, NC

Kyeong IE Anjos, Inc., Los Angeles, CA


Dumas, Inc., W. Los Angeles, CA

Sau Ming Sewing Shop, S.F., CA


Sweet Potato*, Berkeley, CA

Downtown Dyers & Industry, Huntington Park, CA


Amertex, Int'l, Alhambra, CA

- -

Amigo Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

- -

BCBG, Vernon, CA

- -

BJ Design, Downey, CA

- -

Bisou-Bisou, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Cyrus Hosiery, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Design Zone, Los Angeles, CA

- -

EBGB, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Eli's Trim, Los Angeles, cA

- -

Francine Browner*, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Gina K, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Gloria Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Granite/Mirrors, Vernon, CA

- -

Great Escape, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Group B, Vernon, CA

- -

Jalate*, Los Angeles, CA

- -

John M. Fulmer, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Judy Ann of CA, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Kass & Co., Los Angeles, CA

- -

L'Korel Industries, Vernon, CA

- -

LA Exchange, Commerce, CA

- -

Little Laura*, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Marcy N'Me, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Maureen Benun, Los Angeles, CA

- -

MCB, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Miss Elliot, Los Angeles, CA

- -

OTO Sportswear, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Pacific Button & Trims, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Pia Clothing, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Rampage*, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Spencer Alexis, Los Angeles, CA

- -

SWAT*, Industry, CA

- -

The Original, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Lee Choi, Inc., Philadephia, PA


Style Setters Fashions, Philadelphia, PA

Chums Corp., Long Island City, NY


Another Thyme, New York, NY

TLD Fashion Corp., Philadelphia, PA


Coates Brothers Clothing, Philadelphia, PA

- -

Mother's Works, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

- -

Neckworks, Ivyland, PA

- -

Pine Shirt, Company, Pottsville, PA

Mr. Lee, Silver Spring, MD


Style Setters Fashions, Philadelphia, PA

Jay Fashion, Los Angeles, CA


Blooming Collection, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Clara Fashion, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Finesse, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Unique Design dba Jenny's, Los Angeles, CA

May Apparel, Whitaker, New York


Randy Industries, New York, NY

Chausam dba Songs Fashion Co., Bloomington, CA


JR Wholesale, Los Angeles, CA

Nataly Fashions, Union City, NJ


Chi Chi Fashions, Elizabeth, NJ

- -

Clothes Works, Hackensack, NJ

JLJ Fashions, Brooklyn, NY


Lori Tori Togs, New York, NY

Goodview Sewing, Oakland, CA


Designer Wear, Lafayette, CA

- -

Mycra Pac, Lafayette, CA

Marroner, New York, NY


Copy Cat, New York, NY

Sunny Fashion, Los Angeles, CA


BCBG, Vernon, CA

- -

Eminance, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Mica, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Miss Ashlee, Los Angeles, CA

All Fashion, El Monte, CA


Jerry Leigh, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Sirena Apparel Group Los Angeles, CA

Five Four Fashion, Westminster, PS


Paris Blues*, Los Angeles, CA

- -

RSV Sports, Inc.*, Commerce, CA

Young's Garment, Los Angeles, CA


Double Fault, Los Angeles, CA

- -

ENA, Los Angeles, CA

Quality Pressing, S.F., CA


J&M Varon, Aliso Viejo, CA

P.J.L., Los Angeles, CA


Baxis, Los Angeles, CA

Carlson Sewing, Irving, TX


Watters & Watters*, Dallas, TX

Elegance Sewing Co. & Embroidery, Oakland, CA


Bitech, Auburn, CA

- -

Nine One Six (916), Auburn, CA

Young Soo, Inc., Gardena, CA


BC Ethic, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Little Laura*, Los Angeles, CA

- -

Pac Continental, Rancho Dominguez, CA

Haya Imports, Chicago, IL


Mademoiselle, Inc., Chicago, IL

Rise Knitting, Santa Ana, CA


J&M Varon, Aliso, Viejo, CA

Best Fashion, Garden Grove, CA


La Gal/En Focus, Los Angeles, CA

Leen Fashion, Los Angeles, CA


Hendy Collection, Los Angeles, CA

Silver Berry, Long Island City, NY


Christine James, New York, NY

Sandana, Murietta, CA


Sally Lou, New York, NY

Waterfront Sportswear, Fall River, MA


K.R.G., Inc., Lawrence, MA

- -

Susan Bristol, Boston, MA

San Miguel, West New York, NJ


Flamingo Blue*, Newark, NJ

SKL Fashions, New York, NY


Sally Lou, New York, NY

M&J Sportswear, Passaic, NJ


Lily Group*, Orange, NJ

* Manufacturers on the list that have agreed to monitor thier contractors for future compliance are designed with an asterisk.

1 This manufacturer was contacted because of its own FLSA violations. The back wages indicated were recovered on behalf of the manufacturer's own employees.