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Office of Labor-Management Standards
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Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS)


Number: 11-06

April 20, 2006

International Audit Closing Letters Now Posted on the OLMS Web site

Note: This message is being re-sent due to technical problems with the link to the closing letters web page in the earlier message OLMS-News 10-06

In order to make Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 (LMRDA) compliance more transparent for union members, officers, interested parties, and the public, OLMS has begun posting on its Web site closing letters issued at the conclusion of an OLMS audit. Audits are performed by OLMS pursuant to the LMRDA to determine if unions and other entities and individuals are complying with the law, to investigate potential violations of the law, and to provide compliance assistance to help unions meet statutory requirements. At the conclusion of an audit conducted under the International Compliance Audit Program (I-CAP), a closing letter is sent to the union to identify any reporting deficiencies, recordkeeping violations, and/or internal control problems. The closing letter does not purport to be an exhaustive list of all possible problem areas since the audits are limited in scope. If internal control issues have been identified during the audit, the closing letter provides recommendations that may help the union reduce the potential for fraud and embezzlement of union resources. The union may be directed to submit an amended Labor Organization Annual Report (Form LM-2, LM-3, or LM-4) to correct deficiencies. If further corrective actions are required following an I-CAP, OLMS will schedule an on-site follow-up audit approximately six months after the date of the closing letter. Follow-up audit review letters are also posted on the OLMS Web site.

The closing letters and follow-up letters are posted on our Web site in both HTML and PDF format. They are listed in alphabetical order by union, and then in chronological order under the union name. You can find a particular union quickly by using your browser's “find” function.

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Last Updated: 04/21/06