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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
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Corporate Management Compliance Evaluation



How are CMCE establishments selected for a compliance evaluation?

When a scheduling list is developed for compliance evaluations, establishments listed that are headquarters are identified as CMCE.



How is an establishment identified as a company headquarters?

One or more external databases such as FPDS–NG, CCR, EEO–1, D&B, LexisNexis, or the OFCCP administrative database may be used to identify establishments as corporate headquarters.



How frequently may a contractor’s headquarters establishment undergo a CMCE?

OFCCP follows the same rules for CMCE evaluations as for establishment evaluations. A CMCE evaluation will not be scheduled within 24 months of closing its previous evaluation or within 24 months of successful completion of its financial agreement from the previous evaluation. Complaints filed with OFCCP by an employee of a CMCE may supersede this schedule.



Which federal contractors are eligible to undergo a CMCE review?

Supply and service contractors with 50 or more employees at the corporate headquarters are eligible for a CMCE review.



How many establishments can be selected for CMCE reviews in a single scheduling list?

There is no legal limit on the number of CMCE evaluations that can be scheduled in a year. However, based on available resources, OFCCP may impose limits at the district office or regional level.



Can a corporate headquarters be scheduled for an establishment evaluation instead of a CMCE review?

Yes. There is no legal prohibition in scheduling a corporate headquarters for an establishment level compliance evaluation. However, OFCCP uniformly applies an employee count threshold as well as a district office workload threshold to determine whether the corporate headquarters will receive an establishment evaluation or a CMCE review.



Will the number of establishments selected for FCSS compliance evaluations affect whether a contractor’s corporate headquarters will be selected for a CMCE?

No. The number of FCSS compliance evaluations that a multi–establishment contractor has scheduled will not affect the scheduling of the corporate headquarters for a CMCE. Thus, a contractor’s headquarters establishment may be scheduled for a CMCE regardless of whether, or how many, of its other establishments have been scheduled for an FCSS compliance evaluation.