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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
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Acting Director Leen Commits to Workplace Inclusion at OFCCP


At OFCCP, we are committed to expanding equal employment opportunities and eliminating discrimination in the workplace of federal contractors. As we work together to ensure contractor compliance, we at OFCCP must also exhibit workplaces free of discrimination that promote diversity and inclusion of all. This includes not just complying with the law, such as making reasonable accommodations to known disabilities of an otherwise qualified individual but striving to go beyond the requirements of law in making OFCCP an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

It is a best practice for leaders to demonstrate a company‐wide commitment to workplace inclusion. One effective way to do this is through sending messages supporting workplace inclusion to all company staff. OFCCP has followed this best practice by sharing with its staff, this video message and email from the Acting Director supporting workplace inclusion at OFCCP. The agency thanks the DOL’s Civil Rights Center for its collaboration in producing the video and looks forward to sharing more of its best practices in the future.