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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
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Class Member Locator

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The U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), seeks your assistance in the following settlements. If you applied for a job or worked at one of the facilities below between the dates shown and believe you may be part of an affected class, contact us immediately. Upon your timely submission of additional documentation verifying that you are part of the class, you may be entitled to a portion of monetary relief and/or consideration for job placement.



Frequently Asked Questions

General Information For Workers For Community–Based Organization For Contractors
What/Who is a class member?
I believe I am part of a class in one of the cases. What do I have to do? Can I contact OFCCP through the Class Member Locator on behalf of a worker? My company recently signed a Conciliation Agreement with OFCCP and we are in the process of locating class members. Can we direct class members to OFCCP’s Class Member Locator?

How often is the Class Member Locator updated? I clicked on the Contact Us link and sent an email. How soon will I hear back from OFCCP and what can I expect to happen next? I've been contacted by numerous applicants/workers who believe that they are part of a class. What should I do? My company is in the process of negotiating a Conciliation Agreement. Can we negotiate for our company not to appear in the Class Member Locator?

How can I find out if new cases are added to the Class Member Locator? I believe I am part of a class in one of the cases, but the deadline has passed. What should I do? I am receiving an influx of questions from my constituents regarding a case. Whom should I contact? My company is listed in the Class Member Locator, but I have questions about how we are listed. Whom should I contact?


Go to our Frequently Asked Questions Webpage for a comprehensive listing of CML related questions and answers.


A Class Member’s Story

Class Member Story Image "I got a phone call from OFCCP. I didn't even know that there was a branch of government that looked out for my interest like that. They told me that they were looking into the hiring practices of a company that I had applied to, and that they had found in their investigation some discrimination going on. They told me they were going to work on my behalf to obtain back wages owed to me. To be honest, I thought that it was going to be swept under the rug, not to be heard from again. Five months after they called me I got a check from the construction company. They gave me back wages from the time that I applied for the job up until their investigation. And I was genuinely happy! I was able to get things for my kids, I was able to take care of some bills, and man, it just felt good to know that the government was there for me.”


Class Member Locator


The following documents have not been remediated. For assistance accessing the content within these documents, please contact the National Office or the OFCCP Webmaster. OFCCP is working to make future postings accessible.


Class Member Contractors

Contractor Name



Time Period

Affected Group(s)



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Asplundh Tree Expert Company






Groundperson, Tree Trimmer, and Equipment Operation ("Utility") positions


GE Aviation





Black applicants

Machine Operator – A


GEO Joe Corley Detention Center





Job Group 9C Correctional Officers


US Foods, Inc.



December 2013
December 2014


7B Driver



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