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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs
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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)

Director's Corner

At the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, we protect workers, promote diversity and enforce the law. We hold those who do business with the federal government - contractors and subcontractors - to the fair and reasonable standard that they take affirmative action and not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or status as a protected veteran.

Nearly one in four American workers is employed by a company that receives federal funds for contracted work. That's more than 200,000 businesses with contracts totaling almost $700 billion. At OFCCP we protect all employees of those businesses and all who seek employment with them by:

  • Educating workers about their rights;
  • Inspecting workplaces to make sure they are free of discrimination;
  • Securing good job opportunities for victims of discrimination;
  • Recovering back wages, interest and benefits for affected workers; and
  • Changing bad employment policies and practices to keep discrimination from happening again.

We are committed to keeping the doors of opportunity open for all workers - even if we have to pry those doors open from time to time. And enforcing our laws doesn't just benefit workers. It also levels the playing field for employers, because businesses that play by the rules shouldn't have to compete at a disadvantage against those that don't.

I believe the federal government has a legal and moral responsibility to model good behavior in our employment practices. It is part of the public trust we hold. Our vendors must do the same. We at OFCCP will make sure that the reach for good jobs is truly within the grasp of everyone.

We hope you will browse the pages of our website to learn more about what we do, gain access to the resources we offer and stay in touch with us.

~ Patricia A. Shiu

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