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Office of Disability Employment Policy
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WRP Video Series — December 6, 2011

This series of videos addresses various topics that will help young people with disabilities navigate the job search process. The videos star young professionals that either have disabilities themselves or work with college students with disabilities. These videos are intended to provide you with real-life information and personal experiences. If you have additional questions about anything that you see or hear in the videos, you are encouraged to address the questions with your Disability Services or Career Center professionals on your campus.

WRP 1 - Your Job Search - Effective Resumes

WRP 2 - Your Job Search - Using Social Media

WRP 3 - Your Job Search - Effective Techniques

WRP 4 - Your Job Search

WRP 5 - Strategies For Interviewing

WRP 6 - Paid Vs. Unpaid Internships and Compensation

WRP 7 - Disability Disclosure and Accommodations Requests

WRP 8 - Preparing for an Internship

WRP 9 - Skills For Success

WRP 10 - Professional Attire

WRP 11 - On the Job Etiquette

WRP 12 - Making the Most of Your Internship - Mentoring and Networking

WRP 13 - Making the Most of Your Internship - Informational Interviews

WRP 14 - Time and Stress Management

WRP 15 - Lessons Learned

WRP 16 - Lessons for the Future