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Office of Disability Employment Policy
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ODEP - Office of Disability Employment Policy

Disability Employment Policy Resources by Topic

Workforce Recruitment Program — Federal Employer Toolkit

How to Successfully Interview and Hire WRP Applicants

How to Hire People with Disabilities

People with disabilities are a good source of qualified applicants for managers and supervisors to hire. Those who are Schedule A eligible have the additional benefit of being able to be brought on board without going through the competitive process. Learn how Federal Employers can fill jobs competitively and noncompetitively and about appointment authorities.

Why is Schedule A Important?

Schedule A Appointing Authorities describe different types of jobs and situations for which it may be impractical to use standard qualification requirements and to rate applicants using traditional competitive procedures. Employers can use the Schedule A authority to hire applicants with physical, intellectual, or psychiatric disabilities to fill jobs in which the person is able to perform with or without reasonable accommodation. Learn more below:

Interviewing Applicants with Disabilities

Interviewing people with disabilities is generally the same as interviewing people without disabilities. Understanding the job's essential functions and the competencies required to perform these functions is particularly important to prepare for interviews for all applicants, including applicants with disabilities. The focus of the interview should be on the applicant's qualifications and competencies, experience and skills for doing the job.

Employing Students

Per OPM's guidance, students can be an excellent source of qualified individuals with disabilities. Many colleges and universities have career centers and/or disability resource centers that work with students with disabilities to help them find employment, both short and long term. Agencies can utilize these centers to find qualified students with disabilities who are interested in Federal employment and can contribute to the work of the agency.

Schedule A for Youth Populations

When working with WRP candidates who would be considered a young person or a youth, employers can direct them to this Schedule A document for more information.