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Office of Disability Employment Policy
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ODEP - Office of Disability Employment Policy

Disability Employment Policy Resources by Topic

Workforce Recruitment Program

Want to do your part to increase employment of people with disabilities in the federal government? Register to recruit for the Workforce Recruitment Program!

The Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) is the primary pipeline bringing students and recent graduates with disabilities into federal employment and the largest database of Schedule A candidates in the federal government. Each year, WRP recruiters interview over 3,800 talented candidates from 320 schools across the country.

Why Recruit for WRP?

  • You will have a personal impact on the hiring of people with disabilities in the federal government.
  • You will get a first look at a group of highly motivated candidates that your agency could bring on easily using the Schedule A Hiring Authority for summer jobs, internships or regular full time positions.
  • You can choose how many 30-minute phone interviews you wish to do (minimum of 10, maximum of 50).
  • Once assigned to a college, you will have three full weeks to complete your phone interviews, and interview timing is completely flexible around your schedule.
  • By becoming as a WRP recruiter, you will receive training on accommodations, disability etiquette, and disability disclosure — key knowledge areas that will benefit your agency.


You must:

  • Agree to conduct a minimum of 10 30-minute phone interviews (5 hours), write interview notes for each student, and submit into the WRP database.
  • Be a federal employee at the GS-9 level or above.
  • Complete a 1 hour online training and complete a short quiz by mid-August.
  • Submit required paperwork and receive permission from your supervisor.
  • Have availability during recruitment season in October and November.

Take the time to register now! Go to