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Office of Disability Employment Policy
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Workforce Recruitment Program

Leading the Way to Career Success Webinar FAQs

Student Ratings

Question: How does the recruiter make a decision to get a 3 rating or higher?

Answer: Students are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 on various elements which include but are not limited to their academic background, work/volunteer experience, GPA, communication skills, preparedness for the interview. Taking all of these considerations into mind, if the recruiter believes the student's overall profile is at least average (a three or higher), they will be submitted to the database.

Question: How can we help the students get the 3 or higher rating?

Answer: Some universities have found that it is beneficial to pre-screen their students before signing them up for WRP interview slots while others host a WRP information session for all interested students. Campus career centers have also been instrumental in helping students prepare for their interview.

Question: Can we find out what overall rating each candidate received?

Answer: No, only prospective employers and recruiters have access to student ratings.

Question: Do candidates get their score after completing an interview?

Answer: No, the candidates do not get their score after completing an interview. Interviewing for the Workforce Recruitment Program does not guarantee entry into the database.

Question: 2700 is a large database--how does a student stand out in order to be found in that 2700?

Answer: Employers have different criteria for searching and hiring WRP students which varies from the position they have to offer, location preference, to the degree that the student has/is working towards, or even their alma mater. There is no specific formula for making a student stand out.

Question: What about students with autism spectrum disorders that may not do well with the actual communication during the interview? The socialization and communication during the interview is directly impacted by their disability. Is there a way for their information to be rated or for them to qualify more weighted by their interests, experience, and qualifications than the actual interview? Are the recruiters trained in understanding different types of disability and specifically the types of interaction they could have with a person on the spectrum?

Answer: WRP recruiters have been trained on a wide range of disabilities as well as how to interact with individuals who have alternative communication styles.

Student Information

Question: Is there a way for you to consolidate the application information into one web site? The numerous email attachments are confusing for students. I don't think they read the information fully, or they simply give up when they see so many attachments.

Answer: Information on the Workforce Recruitment Program is readily available on and students will have access to application information once they have registered.

Question: Do students need to know exactly what they want to do after they graduate to interview?

Answer: No, students do not need to know what their exact plans are after graduation especially since the WRP is open to students ranging from their freshman year to those who are working on post-doc degrees. It is however, beneficial if the students have an idea of what type of work/experience they'd like to obtain from their WRP experience if hired.

Question: Are students seeking an Associate's degree eligible to participate?

Answer: Yes, any student who is in a full-time degree program is eligible to participate.

Question: So if students don't know if they are entered into the database or not, what is the follow-up, what is the next step in the process?

Answer: Students should make sure that the contact information they provide is their permanent contact information as it is what prospective employers will use if they contact a student. Neither the recruiter nor the WRP office track student applications.

Question: Should students in the performing and digital arts fields be steered away from WRP? Our School of Arts students typically ask about the usefulness of the program for finding positions in their areas...

Answer: Job availabilities through the WRP vary on a year to year basis. There is no way of knowing how many available slots there will be in a particular field. Even if a student is not offered a position through the WRP, going through the interview process can be considered a beneficial experience to the student.

Question: Can students reapply if they took part before?

Answer: Yes, students can and should re-apply, if they are interested in obtaining a position as the database does not automatically self-renew and applications from previous years are not saved.

Question: During the interview with the recruiter, will the student be expected to ask questions, like they would for a job interview?

Answer: Recruiters have been trained with specific questions to ask the students, however they are also prepared to answer any questions the students may have.

Question: Is there any financial assistance provided for housing for summer internships when the candidate has to relocate? What about travel assistance to students?

Answer: No, no agency or base is responsible for providing lodging or housing for WRP candidates unless it is standard procedure for all employees.

Question: If the candidate is in the database, and is selected by an agency, how are they contacted by the agency and is another interview with an agency specific recruiter then set up prior to the offer of internship?

Answer: The prospective employer will contact candidates they are interested in using the contact information that the student provides when registering for the WRP database. It is extremely important that the student provide current contact information where they can be reached at regardless of whether they are at school or at their home address. Oftentimes, there will be a second interview to determine if the candidate is an appropriate fit for the prospective employer's needs.

Question: Should students upload their Schedule A if they have one?

Answer: If a student checks the box for Schedule A eligibility, they should have documentation ready to facilitate the hiring process if the employer chooses to hire them for a Schedule A specific position. However, it is not a requirement.

Webinar Logistics

Question: Is there a way to download the power point?

Answer: The power point has been uploaded onto the website at


Question: We are growing our non-credit offerings for vets. Are non-credit students in CTE certification programs eligible?

Answer: No, all students must be enrolled in a full-time degree program to be eligible for an interview with the Workforce Recruitment Program. Exceptions may be made for part-time students if they are close to graduation and have fulfilled most of their requirements or if their part-time status is an accommodation for their disability.

Question: Even prior to this call, I had planned to involve our Veterans' Affair offices.

Answer: We always encourage the highest level of collaboration between career centers, disability support offices, Veterans' Affairs as well as any other campus offices that would benefit from participation in the Workforce Recruitment Program.

Question: Do I understand that WRP will be contacting our Veterans' Offices directly?

Answer: WRP typically communicates directly with a point of contact in either the campus career center or the student disability office. However, it is not uncommon that the Campus Coordinator will work internally with other offices such as the Veteran's office to ensure maximum participation in the WRP when the recruiter is present on campus. We encourage you to email the contact information for the Veterans' office to

Question: Can you post the email address we should send name of veteran coordinator to? Thanks!

Answer: The contact information of the veteran coordinator can be sent to However, we also encourage the veteran coordinator to work with the designated WRP campus coordinator at your university.

Campus Connections/Coordinators

Question: How do I get connected with a WRP recruiter to begin a relationship with our campus?

Answer: To get connected with the Workforce Recruitment Program, please send an email with your contact information to the WRP coordinator at

Question: I'm the campus coordinator and work in the Career Center. We provide the employers with a survey of the interviewing process and students. Would it be okay to ask the recruiter for the WRP to do the same?

Answer: If it is a standard procedure to provide surveys of the interviewing process to all employers/recruiters who visit your campus, it is fine to ask the WRP recruiter to do the same. However, the WRP recruiter will use their own discretion to determine whether or not they choose to fill out the survey.

Question: If we are not able to recruit 8 students for interviews, what will happen?

Answer: If you do not have 8 students on your own campus, it is suggested that you first connect with nearby universities and community colleges to see if they have any eligible students who would be interested in interviewing and willing to travel to your campus to fill up the interview slots. If you still do not have 8 students even after reaching out, please touch base with the recruiter assigned to your campus and they will use their discretion as to whether or not they will still be able to travel to your location to conduct interviews.

Question: How can we find out what other colleges in our area are participating?

Answer: You can contact the Workforce Recruitment Program at to inquire which other colleges are participating in your area.

Question: Can we see a list of the job preferences so that we can go over these with the student in advance of the interview?

Answer: The job preference categories are as follows:

  • Accounting
  • Administration — Professional
    (Public Administration, Policy Analysis, Program Management)
  • Administration — Support
    (Clerk Typist, Secretary, Administrative Support)
  • Business
    (Budget, Finance, Economics, Marketing, Business Administration)
  • Communications
    (Public Affairs, Public Relations, Publications, Journalism)
  • Computer — Applications
    (Computer Programming, Software Development, Management Information Systems (MIS), Computer Information Systems (CIS), Network Security, Help Desk)
  • Computer — Hardware
    (Computer Engineering, Computer Technician)
  • Computer — Web
    (Website Design, Webmaster)
  • Criminal Justice
  • Education
  • Engineering/Technology/Design
    (Engineering, Architecture, Drafting, Computer-Aided Design/Drafting)
  • Health Care
    (Nursing, Physician's Assistant, Health Science, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Medical Technology)
  • Human Resources/Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Legal
    (Lawyer, Paralegal, Legal Secretary)
  • Open
    (student has no particular preference and is open to any position)
  • Science
    (Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science/Ecology, Animal Science, Agricultural Science, Geology, Geography)
  • See Comments
    (not in another listed category — will be described in student write-up)
  • Social Service
    (Counseling, Vocational Rehabilitation, Social Work)

Question: I believe there is provision to having 2 campus coordinators. What is the process to add another coordinator contact?

Answer: Please contact However, while it is fine to have a team work on WRP related tasks on your campus; it is still beneficial for planning purposes to designate a primary point of contact.

Question: What are the dates/timeframe for fall interviews? I can always contact you later as well, thanks. We are new to WRP in our office.

Answer: WRP recruiters will travel to campuses around the USA starting October 8, 2012 and campus visits will be completed by November 16, 2012.

Question: Are disability offices (within the college) able to verify disability for schedule A?

Answer: Schedule A verification letters can be obtained from a doctor, a licensed medical professional, a licensed rehabilitation professional; or any federal, state, District of Columbia, or US territory agency that issues or provides disability benefits.

Question: Who other than VR or a health provider can fill out schedule A - if a student has never used VR or their provider is far away, etc. can they have the disability services provider fill it out?

Answer: Typically, no. Please refer to Question 29 — however, more information on Schedule A can be found at:


Question: Does your program follow the NACE Principles and Guidelines for Recruiting? NACE is the National Association for Colleges and Employers.

Answer: The Workforce Recruitment Program is a federally operated program and as such has its own specific guidelines.

Question: In regards to my NACE question, is your program considered as a Third Party recruiter?

Answer: WRP recruiters vary from year to year. While all recruiters have been trained to screen and evaluate WRP candidates before submitting qualified individuals into the database, some recruiters may have a specific position that they hold within their own agencies.

Question: I have been embarrassed sometimes by the recruiter. They would not be professionally dressed. Nor would they appear to be professional at all in how they presented themselves.

Answer: If you have an unsatisfactory recruiter, please provide feedback to This feedback is helpful in selection of recruiters for the next year.