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NETAC SGA Prospective Applicants' Conference Call

Questions and Answers

July 17, 2014

Question: Can you explain whether the $1.85 million is for the entire five-year period or if it is $1.85 million per year?

Answer: The answer is ODEP has up to $1.85 million available under this competition and expects to fund the first year of one cooperative agreement. Any cooperative agreement application with the proposed value greater than $1.85 million will be deemed nonresponsive and will not be considered. You can find this information on Page 36 of the SCA.

Funding of up to 1.85 million will be awarded through a competitive process for the first budget year of a cooperative agreement covering a 60-month performance period.† Additional funding may be available based on recipient performance and the availability of funds.† You can also find this information on page 2 of the cooperative agreement.

Question: What is the period of performance?

Answer: The period of performance for this award will be for a 60-month period of performance and will fund the first 12 monthsí budget period. Applicants should plan to fully expend funds during the budget period while ensuring full transparency and accountability for all expenditures.

Question: On Page 31 there is a reference which states that the center must hire a training professional with demonstrated experience in training employers and who will not serve in the capacity as a principal. Could you explain what will not serve in the capacity of the principal means in the context of the solicitation? What is a principal and how is a principal defined in the context of the solicitation.

Answer: We did not directly explain what we meant by principal in this SCA but what we meant was the project manager. The principal would be the project manager of the SCA.

Question: Is it the expectation that the grantee will in fact be taking over EARN and the WRP?

Answer: First of all this is a two-part question. You asked about EARN and WRP.

First of all, the EARN database is listed on Page 29. It is the third bullet on Page 29. Letís talk about EARN first which is the Employer Assistance Resource Network. It is to maintain an online resource repository of technical assistance information and interactive Web presence, within 30 days of award migrate relevant content of the onto the new centerís Web site and ensure that it is user-friendly, meets high accessibility standards and provides employers with organized comprehensive and easy to navigate information resources they need to advance employment for people with disabilities.

The second part of your question was about WRP. And that is on Page 30. The second bullet says that the grantee will provide private employers with access to candidates in the WRP database and work with them to expand existing internship programs that includes students with disability.

Question: (In regards to the previous question)- Iím not quite sure what provide access to employers means.

Answer: It (the solicitation) does say provide employers with access to the database.

Question: I have a question about the amount of money. You had indicated that it is the up to $1.85 million in the first year. But does that mean that the amount of money available for the four additional years is not certain or that it will not be the same amount that will be awarded every year for the 60-month performance period?

Answer:† This answer is located on Page 36 B & C. B is the period of performance and then C, is the continuation award. I will read that.

ODEP in its discretion may make available continuation awards for additional 12-month budget periods till the end of the period of performance.

Prior to awarding continuation awards, ODEP will review one: recipientís progress to determine if approved application targets and projected outcomes are being met; two: recipientís spending to determine if funds have been expended in a manner consistent with the approved application of budget, and three: recipientís compliance with application assurances and award provisions. Does that help answer your question?

Question: I was hoping that there would be a certain amount that we could say if the quality of a program was good that we could anticipate that amount of funding. Can that be stated here?

Answer: We can read Part A on that same Page on Page 36. ODEP has up to $1.85 million available under the competition and expects to fund the first year of one cooperative agreement. Any cooperative agreement application with a proposed value greater than $1.85 million will be deemed nonresponsive and will not be considered.

Question: Can you indicate what universities have been involved in the past, and must an organization be connected to a university that has already received funding in the past through ODEP? †What universities have participated with ODEP grants in general?

Answer: Look at Page 7 Ė this is a two-part question.

The first part was what universities have participated with ODEPís grants in general or grants related to this? If you look at Page 7, we do list the current project. It does list that it is Cornell University, and research that Cornell has done.

You also can look at the ODEP Web site, and just look through the Web site and see what universities have been, and are presently, participating with ODEPís other grants as well.

To answer the second part of this question under the eligibility requirements which is on Page 38 of the SCA, it states to be considered eligible an applicant has to be one of the following four types of entities: A business membership association, an institution of higher education, an employment service provider, or a national disability-serving organization. But it also states that the eligible applicant can fulfill no more than two of the required partnership roles or an institution of higher education can also be a top-tiered business school.