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Office of Disability Employment Policy

ODEP - Office of Disability Employment Policy

Integrated Employment Toolkit

Community Employment Agencies in Washington Adopt Integrated Employment Strategies

Integrated Employment - Shared Advantages

Community employment agencies, also known as community rehabilitation providers (CRPs), are essential to delivering employment related services for people with disabilities. The nature of these services vary from state to state, but usually include a mix of work center, or sheltered, employment and integrated employment in the community. In the State of Washington CRPs like Vadis, Inc. in King and Pierce Counties are mostly doing the latter. As Chris Christian, Executive Director of Vadis, states, "Integrated employment is the norm in Washington because it is wanted, it is expected, and it is nurtured."

Supported through contracts from the state Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the state Department of Developmental Disabilities, CRPs in State of Washington are the primary resource to help individuals achieve integrated employment.

Integrated employment is the preferred service option

State reporting for accountability


Community Employment Alliance

Also talk about the re-structured state provider association. APSE

Training and Technical Assistance

vendors and vendor staff are equipped to provide quality and effective service that supports integrated employment results. The state Division of Developmental Disabilities and many of the designated county developmental disabilities agencies contribute money from their respective budgets for this purpose. One statewide entity, the Washington Initiative on Supported Employment (W.i.S.e.), is given the primary responsibility for providing training and technical assistance to employment service providers throughout the state. W.i.S.e. is a non-profit organization that provides in-person and web-based training to service provider staff, delivers within-organization training and technical assistance to help agencies and their staff improve service delivery capacity, encourages innovation by developing demonstration projects, plans and coordinates an annual statewide training conference, and regularly convenes various partners for planning and collaboration in employment service delivery.

Community College Training

Chris Christian, Executive Director, Vadis, Inc., an employment service provider in King and Pierce Counties, Washington