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Office of Disability Employment Policy
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Central Oklahoma

Oklahoma University is leading this consortium which seeks to impact all targeted populations, including: minorities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities; women; tribal populations, and people with disabilities. The Central Oklahoma Add Us In initiative proposes to build a replicable, sustainable model within the four-county workforce investment area, including urban Oklahoma, Canadian, and Cleveland Counties and rural Logan County, governed by the Central Oklahoma Workforce Investment Board. The project will be initiated in four One-Stop Career Centers located in the four counties.

The Central Oklahoma Add Us In Initiative is dedicated to developing effective employment strategies and supports for employers to increase employment opportunities for persons with disabilities from the targeted groups in these communities. The project will 1) create a replicable model that can be used by targeted businesses and associations of targeted businesses to reach out to youth and adults with disabilities in their communities; and 2) lead to an increase in the quality and quantity of employment outcomes in these communities. This includes a five-year strategic plan to increase business capacity to hire people with disabilities and diversity training as a key component to their work.



Annie Baghdayan, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA
Principal Investigator
Director of the National Center for Disability Education & Training
College of Continuing Education
University of Oklahoma
3200 Marshall Avenue, Suite 201
Norman, OK, 73072
(405) 325-0158

Jill Burgess
Project Director
Central Oklahoma Add Us In Initiative
National Center for Disability Education and Training
University of Oklahoma.
3200 Marshall Ave., Ste. 201
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 325-8130