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September 21, 2018

JAN Training Microsite

With National Disability Employment Awareness Month approaching, many organizations are preparing to celebrate the occasion with an event or training session. The Job Accommodation Network’s Multimedia Training Microsite provides convenient Just-In-Time Modules for use by employers, educators, nonprofit organizations, and others. These materials may be used in group training or by individuals, and may easily be incorporated into larger training events. Topics include disability awareness, the Americans with Disabilities Act, ergonomics, the interactive process, and more. All include a PowerPoint presentation and a downloadable transcript of the training.

View JAN's Multimedia Training Microsite

Staff Accessibility Training

Looking for staff training on technology accessibility and disability inclusion? The Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology has just the tool – its online guide to Staff Training Resources. The tool is designed to help employers raise internal awareness and understanding of accessibility best practices so that all levels of their organization share an accessible technology mindset. Noting how accessibility education can dovetail with disability awareness training, the guide links users to training tools designed for various staff roles, including leadership, human resources professionals, procurement team members, CIOs, tech designers and developers, and others.

Access PEAT’s Staff Training Resources

Youth SSI Recipients Study

ODEP has funded the Evaluation of Initiatives to Improve Adult Outcomes and Employment Opportunities for Young Recipients of Supplemental Security Income research study. This project will help identify where and how to best build on existing research and lessons from the field. It will also identify new research questions and promising models or strategies that could be tested for assisting youth SSI recipients and those at risk of receiving SSI benefits with the transition to sustained, gainful employment. Related resources include a publication, “Potential Strategies to Improve the Employment Outcomes of Youth SSI Recipients,” and a series of webinars.

Learn more about the Evaluation of Initiatives to Improve Adult Outcomes and Employment Opportunities for Young Recipients of Supplemental Security Income research study


“Inclusion@Work: A Framework for Building a Disability-Inclusive Organization” is an online toolkit created by the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion. Developed with input from a range of employers with exemplary track records in disability employment, it outlines seven core components of a disability-inclusive workplace, along with a menu of strategies for achieving them. Steps include Lead the Way; Build the Pipeline; Hire & Keep the Best; Ensure Productivity; Communicate; Be Tech Savvy and Grow Success.

Visit Inclusion@Work

LEAD Center Website Survey

The LEAD Center wants to learn more about how you use the resources on its website in order to continue to improve what it offers. LEAD asks that you take a very brief survey, which should only take five minutes or less to complete. Also, if you would be willing to participate in a phone conversation to discuss the resources you use, how you are using them, and any additional needs you might have, please provide your name and email address at the end of the survey. The call should take no more than 5-to-10 minutes of your time. Thank you for your consideration and feedback.

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