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TalentWorks: Your Guide to Accessible eRecruiting

Are your company's virtual doors open to everyone? The answer to this important question has direct implications on your ability to recruit and hire the best talent.

If you're like most employers today, you're probably engaged in some form of eRecruiting. Also known as "online recruiting," eRecruiting refers to using technology — in particular, web — based resources — to support finding, attracting, assessing, interviewing and hiring new personnel. Such tools include everything from online job applications to digital interviewing platforms, and they are transforming the world of talent acquisition.

Many eRecruiting tools are inaccessible to job seekers with disabilities, however. According to a recent survey of people with disabilities conducted by the Office of Disability Employment Policy — funded Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT), 46 percent of respondents with disabilities rated their last experience applying for a job online as "difficult to impossible." And that matters, because if your technology is limiting your pool of applicants, you could be missing out on potentially great hires.

In that spirit, PEAT developed TalentWorks — a free online tool for employers and human resource professionals that helps them ensure their eRecruiting technologies are accessible to all job seekers. TalentWorks provides general background on accessibility and eRecruiting, as well as practical tip sheets for making online job applications, digital interviews, pre-employment tests and resume upload programs accessible to people with disabilities.

Given the race for talent and today's technology — savvy job applicants, it's more important than ever to ensure online recruiting tools are accessible to all. TalentWorks shows you how to open your virtual doors to everyone and lay the groundwork for a diverse, more inclusive workforce.

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