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Office of Disability Employment Policy
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slogans inside of it...  Discussion Guide for the Campaign for Disability Employment's I CAN PSA.  Fostering CAN-Do Attitudes at Work.  What can YOU do?  The Campaign for Disability Employment.  Go to the NEW Outreach Toolkit to order free discussion guides, posters and more!

Fostering CAN-Do Attitudes at Work

At the start of another year, business owners across the country are establishing plans and priorities for the months ahead.  As part of this process, many are considering what type of company culture they want to foster in 2011 and beyond.  For those dedicated to an inclusive work environment, several new products are available to help communicate this commitment to employees. 

As a companion to its powerful "I Can" public service announcement (PSA), the Campaign for Disability Employment recently unveiled a Workplace Discussion Guide that businesses can use to facilitate staff training and education efforts around the issues of disability employment and workplace diversity.  This guide can be ordered free of charge through the Campaign's new online Outreach Toolkit.  Each order includes a "What can YOU do?" poster and DVD of the "I Can" PSA—a perfect package for starting out the new year with a positive discussion about the value of a flexible workplace open to the talents of all qualified individuals.

The "What can YOU do?" posters, seven in total, can also be ordered individually.  Businesses are encouraged to use these posters to create workplace diversity displays and freshen-up bulletin boards, waiting areas and break-rooms.  Spanish-language posters are also available, as is a Spanish-language version of the "I Can" PSA.  Through compelling images and words, these products all help further the important message that at work, it's what people CAN do that matters.

The Campaign for Disability Employment is a collaborative effort among several leading disability and business organizations that seek to promote positive employment outcomes for people with disabilities.  It is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP).  Learn more at

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