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Office of Disability Employment Policy
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Transportation to Work: A Toolkit for the Business Community

Today, a confluence of events is prompting America's individuals and businesses to change the way they think about transportation. Fluctuating gasoline prices, increased environmental awareness and the economic downturn have all triggered an interest in alternatives to cars for daily transportation needs.

By implementing job-related transit benefits and services, businesses both large and small can play an important role in advancing support for alternative transportation options. What's more, they can realize bottom line benefits through cost savings and an improved public image—all while opening doors to employment for a wider segment of their communities. For people with specialized transit needs, such as individuals with disabilities, transportation can be the link that makes employment possible.

Now, an online resource offers businesses practical information on how to build transportation programs that are easy to implement and inexpensive to maintain. The Transportation to Work Toolkit for the Business Community provides information on topics ranging from vanpools and shared ride programs to tax incentives and green transportation strategies. It also includes profiles of several companies that have successfully implemented transportation programs that benefit their employees, their communities and the environment—and make good business sense.

The Transportation to Work Toolkit for the Business Community was created with funding from the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy through a cooperative agreement between the Community Transportation Association of America and the Federal Transit Administration.

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