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Office of Disability Employment Policy
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Boosting Productivity, Maximizing Efficiency

All employers want a productive work environment, and for many, productivity enhancements are the key to maximizing on-the-job efficiency. From accessible technology to flexible schedules, a wide array of productivity enhancements can benefit a business's employees - not to mention its bottom line. Just ask Debra Ruh, founder and chairman of the small business TecAccess.

A leading provider of professional IT/Web accessibility and usability testing, consulting and training services, TecAccess boasts a diverse workforce that includes many people with physical, cognitive and psychiatric disabilities. When hiring any employee, the company focuses on the person's abilities and then arms him or her with the tools and supports needed to succeed on the job. One such support is teleworking.

"By encouraging our associates, with and without disabilities, to work from their homes, we've eliminated a potential barrier for employees, while at the same time reducing overhead, encouraging flexibility and positively impacting the environment," says Ruh. Telework is just one of many examples of productivity enhancements that can help boost a company's efficiency. What's more, many are simple and inexpensive to implement. And often, an innovative idea devised for one employee uncovers strategies that help all employees perform their jobs better. To learn more, contact the Office of Disability Employment Policy's Job Accommodation Network (JAN) or visit

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A limited number of Disability Employment Awareness Month posters are available, at no cost. This colorful poster pays homage to our nation's founding fathers and is particularly suitable for framing. With a backdrop of the Declaration of Independence and Mount Rushmore, this poster conveys the message that workers with disabilities are

America's People...America's Talent...America's Strength!

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