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Office of Disability Employment Policy
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What Your Business Can Learn From Baseball

What can your business learn from baseball? According to former Major League Baseball pitcher Jim Abbott, it's the importance of ability. Remembered for many great accomplishments in baseball, one of Jim's career highlights was pitching a no-hitter for the New York Yankees in 1993. But he's primarily remembered for his inspirational ability to excel in the highly competitive environment of professional sports despite being born with only one hand.

In baseball, it was what Jim could do—not what he couldn't do—that mattered. Today he's pitching the same message by raising awareness about the value people with disabilities offer America's businesses. According to Jim, it's about talent, and people with disabilities represent a great source of it. Today more than ever, people with disabilities have the skills and abilities to succeed in the workplace and help businesses better their game.

With support from Major League Baseball, Jim is currently taking his message on the road, speaking at ballparks and in front of audiences nationwide. A hero to kids—and kids at heart—he also appeared at this year's Little League World Series and is involved in Little League's Challenger Division, a program through which children with disabilities learn the benefits of using their abilities and working as a team.

To learn more about Jim's activities and how people with disabilities can be an asset to your business's team, visit the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) and Baseball Web site.

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