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Congressional Notifications

January 27, 2010 — National Emergency Grant for Wisconsin

Dear Wisconsin Delegation:

Here is information about a National Emergency Grant (NEG) that is being awarded to Wisconsin to provide for the continuation of reemployment services to about 1,400 workers affected by five dislocation events pertaining to the automotive industry in Rock County.

Description of Wisconsin NEG

  • DOL is granting supplemental funding in the amount of $2,354,098 to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. On October 3, 2008, a NEG was approved for $3,811,892, with $1,608,600 released initially. An increment of $2,203,292 was awarded on June 26, 2009. This brings total funding for this project to date up to $6,165,990.
  • The geographic areas covered by this funding are: Rock County
  • Project Operator: Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board

Let me know if you need more information. Feel free to contact Annette Nekola with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development at (608) 267-7145, if you have specific questions about how the funds will be distributed.