98.100 - Purpose.

(a) Executive Order 12549 provides that, to the extent permitted by law, Executive departments and agencies shall participate in a governmentwide system for nonprocurement debarment and suspension. A person who is debarred or suspended shall be excluded from Federal financial and nonfinancial assistance and benefits under Federal programs and activities. Debarment or suspension of a participant in a program by one agency shall have governmentwide effect.
(b) These regulations implement section 3 of Executive Order 12549 and the guidelines promulgated by the Office of Management and Budget under section 6 of the Executive order by:
(1) Prescribing the programs and activities that are covered by the governmentwide system;
(2) Prescribing the governmentwide criteria and governmentwide minimum due process procedures that each agency shall use;
(3) Providing for the listing of debarred and suspended participants, participants declared ineligible (see definition of ineligible in 98.105(i)), and participants who have voluntarily excluded themselves from participation in covered transactions
(4) Setting forth the consequences of a debarment, suspension, determination of ineligibility, or voluntary exclusion; and
(5) Offering such other guidance as necessary for the effective implementation and administration of the governmentwide system.
(c) Although these regulations cover the listing of ineligible participants and the effect of such listing, they do not prescribe policies and procedures governing declarations of ineligibility.