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Last revision: April 10, 1992 §1614.307 Organization of Special Panel. (a) The Special Panel is composed of: (1) A Chairman appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate, and whose term is 6 years; (2) One member of the MSPB designated by the Chairman of the Board each time a panel is convened; and (3) One member of the EEOC designated by the Chairman of the Commission each time a panel is convened. (b) Designation of Special Panel member -- (1) Time of designation. Within five days of certification of the case to the Special Panel, the Chairman of the MSPB and the Chairman of the EEOC shall each designate one member from their respective agencies to serve on the Special Panel. (2) Manner of designation. Letters of designation shall be served on the Chairman of the Special Panel and the parties to the appeal.