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Last revision: April 10, 1992 §1614.110 Final decisions. Within 60 days of receiving notification that a complainant has requested an immediate decision from the agency, within 60 days of the end of the 30-day period for the complainant to request a hearing or an immediate final decision where the complainant has not requested either a hearing or a decision, or within 60 days of receiving the findings and conclusions of an administrative judge, the agency shall issue a final decision. The final decision shall consist of findings by the agency on the merits of each issue in the complaint and, when discrimination is found, appropriate remedies and relief in accordance with subpart E of this part. The final decision shall contain notice of the right to appeal to the Commission, the name and address of the agency official upon whom an appeal should be served, notice of the right to file a civil action in Federal district court, the name of the proper defendant in any such lawsuit and the applicable time limits for appeals and lawsuits. A copy of EEOC Form 573, Notice of Appeal/Petition, shall be attached to the decision.