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Last revision: April 10, 1992 §1614.107 Dismissals of complaints. The agency shall dismiss a complaint or a portion of a complaint: (a) That fails to state a claim under 1614.103 or 1614.106(a) or states the same claim that is pending before or has been decided by the agency or Commission; (b) That fails to comply with the applicable time limits contained in 1614.105, 1614.106 and 1614.204(c), unless the agency extends the time limits in accordance with 1614.604(c), or that raises a matter that has not been brought to the attention of a Counselor and is not like or related to a matter that has been brought to the attention of a Counselor; (c) That is the basis of a pending civil action in a United States District Court in which the complainant is a party provided that at least 180 days have passed since the filing of the administrative complaint, or that was the basis of a civil action decided by a United States District Court in which the complainant was a party; (d) Where the complainant has raised the matter in a negotiated grievance procedure that permits allegations of discrimination or in an appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board and 1614.301 or 1614.302 indicates that the complainant has elected to pursue the non-EEO process; (e) That is moot or alleges that a proposal to take a personnel action, or other preliminary step to taking a personnel action, is discriminatory; (f) Where the complainant cannot be located, provided that reasonable efforts have been made to locate the complainant and the complainant has not responded within 15 days to a notice of proposed dismissal sent to his or her last known address; (g) Where the agency has provided the complainant with a written request to provide relevant information or otherwise proceed with the complaint, and the complainant has failed to respond to the request within 15 days of its receipt or the complainant's response does not address the agency's request, provided that the request included a notice of the proposed dismissal. Instead of dismissing for failure to cooperate, the complaint may be adjudicated if sufficient information for that purpose is available; or (h) If, prior to the issuance of the notice required by 1614.108(f), the complainant refuses within 30 days of receipt of an offer of settlement to accept an agency offer of full relief containing a certification from the agency's EEO Director, Chief Legal Officer or a designee reporting directly to the EEO Director or the Chief Legal Officer that the offer constitutes full relief, provided that the offer gave notice that failure to accept would result in dismissal of the complaint. An offer of full relief under this subsection is the appropriate relief in 1614.501.