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Office of the Secretary
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Commission on the Future of Worker-Management Relations

Secretary of Labor Robert B. Reich
Secretary of Commerce Ronald H. Brown

Paul A. Allaire
Chairman and CE0
Xerox Corporation

John T. Dunlop, Chairman
Former Secretary of Labor (1975-1976)
Lamont University Professor Emeritus
Harvard University

Douglas A. Fraser
Former President, United Auto Workers
Professor of Labor Studies
Wayne State University

Richard B. Freeman
Herbert Ascherman Professor of Economics
Harvard University Program
Director for Labor Studies
National Bureau of Economic Research.

William B. Gould *
Professor of Law
Stanford University

F. Ray Marshall
Former Secretary of Labor (1976-1981)
Audre and Bernard Rapoport
Centennial Chair in Economics and Public Affairs
L.B.J. School of Public Affairs
University of Texas at Austin

Thomas A. Kochan
George M. Bunker Professor of Management
and a Leaders for Manufacturing
Professor Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Juanita M. Kreps
Former Secretary of Commerce (1977-1979)
James B. Duke Professor of Economics
and Vice President Emeritus
Duke University

Kathryn C. Turner**
Chairperson and CE0
Standard Technology Inc.

W. J. Usery
Former Secretary of Labor (1976-1977)
President Bill Usery Associates, Inc.

Paula B.Voos
Professor of Economics
and Industrial Relations
University of Wisconsin

Paul C. Weiler
Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law
Harvard University
(Counsel to the Commission)

June M. Robinson
Designated Federal Official
for the Commission
U.S. Department of Labor

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