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Office of the Secretary
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Goals For the 21st Century Workplace

  1. Expand coverage of employee participation and labor-management partnerships to more workers and more workplaces and to a broader array of decisions.

  2. Provide workers an uncoerced opportunity to choose, or not to choose, a bargaining representative and to engage in collective bargaining.

  3. Improve resolution of violations of workplace rights.

  4. Decentralize and internalize responsibility for workplace regulations.

  5. Improve workplace safety and health .

  6. Enhance the growth of productivity in the economy as a whole.

  7. Increase training and learning at the workplace and related institutions.

  8. Reduce inequality by raising the earnings and benefits of workers in the lower part of the wage distribution.

  9. Upgrade the economic position of contingent workers.

  10. Increase dialogue and learning at the national and local levels.
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