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Office of the Secretary
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B O X 7.1 America’s Jobs Network

How will those who seek twenty-first century skills training find out what is "out there?" Through America’s Jobs Network.

America’s Jobs Network, a new umbrella for all federally funded training-related activities, will identify services avail-able for those looking for jobs, wishing to acquire skills, or seeking new workers. The Network design will also ensure that state and local employment and training partners can target their resources to where they are needed most. It will include a tollfree telephone number to allow everyone access to information on the services available throughout the workforce investment system.

The Network will be available to everyone from the high-school sophomore curious about possible career paths, to the older worker contemplating a return to the labor market, to the disabled individual or at-risk youth who may require special services and support. An integrated set of automated tools called America’s Career Kit—which includes America’s Job Bank, America’s Talent Bank, America’s Career InfoNet, O*NET, and America’s Learning Exchange—will allow customers immediate access to world-class labor market products and information from One-Stop offices, public libraries, community colleges, community-based organizations, or via the Internet.

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