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NEW WIA EO Officer


Thank you to the State EO Officers who provided input regarding the elements they thought were essential to include in this toolkit. Their suggestions were used to shape content. In particular, as a result of their suggestions, we have provided templates for such documents as complaint information forms and sample letters to be used throughout the process of handling a discrimination complaint. In response to several requests for checklists, we have also provided links to the U.S. Department of Labor’s (“USDOL’s” or “the Department’s”) WIA Section 188 Disability Checklist and MOA Analysis Checklist, and plan to provide additional checklists in the future.

Disclaimer: Content provided in this toolkit does not create new legal obligations, and is not a substitute for the U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, and Federal Register, which are the official sources for applicable statutes, regulations, notices, and other relevant documents.