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Conference History

The Annual National Equal Opportunity Conference began in 1989 with the objective of establishing a major event that would facilitate information exchange and heighten awareness about the ever-evolving world of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination for U.S. Department of Labor financial assistance recipient staffs. The conference is co-sponsored with the Equal Opportunity Committee of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, Inc. Since its beginning, the national conference has exploded with popularity, and has become a must attend event for workforce system equal opportunity professionals. The conference is a significant learning experience, and represents the U.S. Department of Labor's commitment to assisting its grantees and contractors in fulfilling their equal opportunity and nondiscrimination obligations. Each year the conference is attended by equal opportunity and human resource professionals that represent workforce programs at the national, State and local levels and include Job Corps, Employment Services, Unemployment Insurance Services, Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers, Indian and Native Americans, Older Workers, and Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programs. All workforce system equal opportunity professionals are strongly encouraged to attend, so that they will enable their organization to keep pace with the equal opportunity and nondiscrimination changes that impact their organization as a U.S. Department of Labor financial assistance recipient.