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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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Office of Asset and Resource Management — Business Operations Center

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Commercial Service Management (CSM)

FAIR Act Inventory

Competitive Sourcing Report

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The Office of Asset and Resource Management (OARM) oversees the planning and implementation of DOL's commercial services management program. The major components of this program include managing, planning and conducting the Departmentís annual Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act inventories of commercial and inherently governmental activities; planning, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of public-private competitions pursuant to OMB Circular A-76; developing DOL-specific commercial services management policies and procedures; and collaborating with key personnel in the various DOL agencies to achieve DOL-wide commercial services management objectives which are centered around promoting efficiency of operations and programs. Additionally, OARM coordinates reporting requirements for real property and also works to strengthen environmental, energy, and transportation management in adherence to the principles in Executive Order 13423. These efforts include improving energy efficiency, reducing consumption of petroleum products thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting the use of renewable energy, reducing water consumption, promoting sustainable environmental practices and helping to ensure that the Departmentís major building construction and renovation projects are in line with the Departmentís commitment to designing, locating, constructing, maintaining, and operating its facilities in an energy efficient and sustainable manner.