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Office of the Chief Information Officer
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Enterprise Architecture

The Department of Labor maintains a Department-wide architecture that describes its core mission area business processes and the current and future information technology investments that support them.  This is called the Enterprise Architecture (EA).  The Department has invested significant time and resources to develop its EA.   Agencies maintain and use the EA as part of their planning and budgeting process, not only for information technology (IT) investments, but also for describing the business processes that support the core mission areas.  Agencies also use the EA during their IT investment selection and design process, and their implementation and maintenance processes.  The agency maintains a Target EA that describes its plans for future IT investments aimed at improving specific performance gaps in its business processes.

The DOL-wide and individual agency EAs are a valuable management aid in reducing redundancy and increasing collaboration throughout the Department.  The DOL EA, combined with the Federal Enterprise Architecture maintained by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), is used by the Department to accomplish its core mission. 

The DOL Enterprise Architecture Program Office (EAPO) is deploying the DOL Enterprise Architecture Management System (DEAMS) to enter, maintain and analyze Enterprise Architecture (EA) information on an agency and DOL-wide basis.  DEAMS (with the associated DOL EA Guidance) improves the accuracy and completeness of the EA information as well as provides greater analytic capabilities to support informed decisions.

For questions regarding the EA or the Department of Labor Enterprise Architecture Management System, please email the DOL Enterprise Architecture Program Office (EAPO) at