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Star Pagination

Star Pagination is a system used by Westlaw in their online editions of court reports that shows where the pages of the print text of the official editions begin. In the following paragraph, you can see a *1159 which is the beginning of page 1159 in the print version of the Claims Court Reporter. Starred pages online are indicated by the dark purple.

The December 4, 1986, letter included the claims submitted by ALB in the November 25, 1985 letter, and added additional claims for: change of pins to bolts; *1159 supply guy wire spacers; stringing, clipping and deadending; Davis-Bacon Act classification changes; removal operations; re-mobilization costs; extended overhead; and, tightening hardware and plumbing of structures. (26 Cl. Ct. 1155, page 4 of the Westlaw document)

In addition to showing you the pagination of the official edition, Westlaw also provides the ability to print pages based on the Star Pagination feature. When you select print, you are given various choices under "Content." In the right hand column, you can select "Star Pages" and then enter the pages you would like to print, e.g. 1159-1161, 1167. This way you do not need to print the entire document if you only need a few pages.