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Graphical KeyCite

Graphical KeyCite is a new feature on Westlaw that provides an alternative way to view the direct history of a case. By clicking on "Direct History (Graphical View)" on the Links tab, you can view the direct history of a case as a flow chart. You can access this feature either through a KeyCite display or from a case document.

Graphical KeyCite is divided into zones reflecting the levels of the courts from top to bottom: U.S. Supreme Court, State High Court, Intermediate Court and Trial Court.

Each order or opinion is displayed in its own box with the title of the case, the date of the opinion or order, treatment or posture of the case, and a link to the text of the opinion or order. Arrows between the boxes show the relationship of the orders or opinions to one another. You will also be able to access court documents such as transcripts of oral arguments, motions, petitions, pleadings and briefs via links within the boxes.