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Unreported Cases – Federal Appellate Courts

Westlaw provides access to unreported cases from the federal appellate courts in several different databases, which are described below:

  • U.S. Court of Appeals Cases, Unreported – CTAU: This database contains unreported cases from the U.S. Court of Appeals, with coverage beginning in 1945. A document is a case (a decision or order) or a table decision decided by the courts. It includes "quick opinions" (cases that are scheduled to be reported by West that are available online prior to West advance sheets and which do not contain editorial enhancements), and opinions that are not scheduled to be reported by a West Reporter. It also contains opinions published in the Federal Appendix beginning in 2001 (see note below).

To search the unreported cases of the individual circuits, use the following database identifiers:

  • CTA1U (U.S. Court of Appeals, 1st Circuit Cases, Unreported), CTA2U (2nd Circuit), CTA3U, CTA4U, CTA5U, CTA6U, CTA7U, CTA8U, CTA9U, CTA10U, and CTA11U.

In addition, Westlaw provides access to unreported cases from the U.S. Court of Appeals, DC Circuit (CTADCU) and the U.S. Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit Cases (CTAFEDU). Visit the website of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit for detailed information about this court.

For descriptions of all databases noted above, visit West’s Database Directory at <> (available free of charge and without using your Westlaw account login), type “Federal Appendix” in quotes into the search box and then click on “Search”. For a detailed description of a particular database, click on the number to the left of its database identifier on the results page.

Note about the Federal Appendix: This reporter contains opinions issued by the U.S. Courts of Appeals that are not published in the Federal Reporter, which is a federal case law reporter series in West’s National Reporter System. The Federal Appendix covers opinions and decisions from 2001 to date issued by the United States Courts of Appeals that are not selected for publication in the Federal Reporter. Opinions are included from all circuits except for the 5th and 11th, which do not provide their “unpublished” opinions to any publisher.