U.S. Department of Labor

LearningLink: Learning Management System (LMS)

Rules of Behavior


The Office of Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management (OASAM) has implemented a Department-wide learning management system (LMS) called "LearningLink" to serve as the database of record for all Department employee development and training record.  As a user of LearningLink, I understand that I am personally responsible for my use and any misuse of my system account and password. I understand that by accessing a U.S. government information system that I must comply with the following requirements:


  1. LearningLink is intended for official government use only. Limited personal use that does not violate DOL policy may be authorized by a DOL federal supervisor or Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR).
  1. LearningLink may not be used for commercial purposes, financial gain, or in support of "For Profit" non-government activities.
  1. The federal government reserves the right to monitor the activity of any computing device (e.g., desk top workstations, laptops, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), Universal Serial Bus (USB) drives, etc.) connected to its infrastructure.
  1. LearningLink is the property of the federal government. DOL owns all data that is collected, used, stored, and transmitted, via its infrastructure, including business and personal email messages and information.
  1. No data may be transmitted on a system that is more sensitive than the level for which that system has been approved.
  1. Information that was obtained via the LearningLink may not be divulged outside of federal government channels without the express written authorization of the data owner.
  2. Any activity that violates federal or state laws for information protection (e.g., hacking, spamming, etc.) is not permitted.
  3. LearningLink user accounts are provided solely for the use of the individual for whom they were created.
  4. Passwords or any other authentication mechanism should not be shared with; used by; disclosed; written down; or stored in a clear-text or readable format any place accessible to others.
  5. LearningLink end user account passwords must be changed every 90 days
  6. Reuse of the ten (10) previously used LearningLink account passwords (i.e., password history) is prohibited.
  7. After three (3) invalid password attempts, the LearningLink user account will be locked out the user must contact the LearningLink help desk at LearningLink@dol.gov to have the password reset.
  8. LearningLink will time out automatically after twenty minutes of inactivity.  After 20 minutes the uses will be required to login again in resume the training session.
  9. Remote off-site (e.g., dial-in) LearningLink access must be approved and authorized by DOL management.
  10. DOL federal employees and contractors do not have a right, nor should they have an expectation, of privacy while using any government office equipment at any time, including remote dial-in, business and personal Internet usage
  11. Any security problems or password compromises must be reported immediately to your respective agency’s Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) and LearningLink Systems Administrator at LearningLink@dol.gov.
  12. I understand that Federal law provides for punishment under Title 18, U.S. Code, including a fine and up to ten (10) years in jail for the first offense for anyone who:
    1. Knowingly accesses an information system without authorization, or exceeds authorized access, and obtains information that requires protection against unauthorized disclosure.
    2. Intentionally, without authorization, accesses a government information system and impacts the government’s operation including availability of that system.
    3. Intentionally accesses a government information system without authorization and alters, damages, or destroys information therein.
    4. Prevents authorized use of the system or accesses a government information system without authorization, or exceeds authorized access, and obtains anything of value.