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August 19, 1994


SUBJECT: Procurement and Use of Environmentally Preferable

Products and Services

  1. Purpose. To establish a program in the Department of Labor (DOL) for a cost-effective procurement-preference program favoring the purchase of products and services that maximize energy and water conservation, use recycled and recyclable products, minimize waste, utilize alternative fuels, and are less harmful to human health and the environment in their use and disposal than competing products and services of equal value.

  2. Policy. The Department of Labor shall take appropriate actions to incorporate waste prevention and recycling in its daily operations and work to increase and expand markets for recovered materials and environmentally preferable products through greater preference and demand for such products.

  3. Scope. This Order applies to all acquisitions made by DOL agencies, DOL contractors operating Government-owned or leased facilities, State and local governments using DOL funds, and institutions of higher education, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations receiving DOL grants.

  4. Definitions. For the purposes of this Order:

(A) "Cost-Effective Procurement Preference Program" means a program that favors, where price and other factors are equal, the procurement of products and services that are more environmentally sound or energy-efficient than other competing products and services.

(B) "Environmentally preferable" means products or services less harmful to human health and the environment to use, reuse, operate and maintain, and dispose of, in comparison with competing products or services of equal value.

(C) "Ozone-depleting substances" means the substances controlled internationally under the Montreal Protocol and nationally under Title VI of the Clean Air Act Amendments.

(D) "Recovered Material" means waste material and by-products which have been recovered or diverted from solid waste.

(E) "Recycled Material" means a material that can be utilized in place of a raw or virgin material in manufacturing a product and consists of materials derived from post-consumer waste, industrial scrap, material derived from agricultural waste, and other items, all of which can be used in the manufacture of new products.

(F) "Waste reduction" means preventing and/or decreasing the amount of waste being generated either through waste prevention, recycling, or purchasing recycled and environmentally preferable products/materials.

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