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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and
Management (OASAM)



DATE: September 15, 2004


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Chapter Reference: Chapter 506 — Smoking

Nature of Revisions: The revised policy reflects the Department's current smoking policy in accordance with GSA guidelines which restrict smoking in certain areas of GSA-controlled buildings.

Approval for Issuance and Distribution:

Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management




Introduction to Building Management, Facilities, & Services Programs













500 Introduction to Building Facilities Management and Services Programs

501 Purpose. This Chapter establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for using departmental building facilities and services, including those associated with a Building Management Program for the Frances Perkins Building (FPB).

502 Scope. The provisions of this Chapter apply to all Department of Labor (DOL) Agencies and Regional Offices, covering all DOL employees as well as contractors performing official business.

503 Authority. This Chapter is issued in accordance with the provisions of the following regulations:

  1. Federal Property Management Regulations, 41 C.F.R. part 101-20, Management of Buildings and Grounds.
  2. Executive Order 13058, “Protecting Federal Employees and the Public From Exposure to Tobacco Smoke in the Federal Workplace”, August 9, 1997.
  3. 41 C.F.R. § 101-20.105-3, Smoking.

504 Policy. The Department of Labor (DOL) Building Facilities and Services Program and the FPB Management Program provide for the following:

  1. Proper maintenance of all buildings in which the Department is the primary tenant.
  2. Fair use of all facilities and services including employee parking and general conference rooms and public space areas.
  3. Administration of building maintenance activities in the Frances Perkins Building.
  4. Maximization of a work environment that protects the safety and health of building occupants and visitors.

505 Responsibilities.

The Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management (ASAM) is responsible for directing the overall policy concerning services provided to client agencies, as well as overall building maintenance.

  1. Director of the Business Operations Center (BOC), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management (OASAM) is responsible for:
    1. Providing staff support to the ASAM in the development and issuance of policy and guidance relative to building facilities, services, and the management of maintenance activities associated with the FPB Management Program and the services that the OASAM Regional Administrators provide to client agencies.
    2. Establishing standards and guidance to the OASAM Regional Administrators in establishing and administering a building facilities and services program.
    3. Ensuring appropriate action is taken when violations occur.
  2. Director of the Office of Administrative Services, BOC, is responsible for:
    1. Supervising the DOL Building Management Facilities and Services Program.
    2. Ensuring that the Building Facilities and Services Program is operated in an equitable, efficient, safe and healthful manner.
    3. Developing policy for and administering the FPB Building Management Program in the Frances Perkins Building, and other DOL Washington, D.C., area buildings.
    4. Providing advice to the Regional Administrative Services Officers (RASO) concerning DOL policies that relate to the field.
    5. Serving as the Department’s Coordinator to the General Services Administration (GSA) on building management and services matters.
  3. OASAM Regional Administrators are responsible for:
    1. Establishing and administering a building facilities and services program consistent with policies established by the Division of Facilities Management.
    2. Serving as the Department's regional representative to the GSA on building facilities and service matters in the regions.
  4. DOL Agency Heads are responsible for:
    1. Ensuring that their Agency complies with the policies set forth in this Chapter.
    2. Designating an Administrative Services Representative to serve as Agency liaison to the Director, Business Operations Center (BOC) or to the Regional Administrators-OASAM on building facilities and services matters.

506 Smoking

  1. Purpose. To provide policy implementing Federal Regulation 41 C.F.R., part 101-20, which restricts smoking in DOL occupied space.
  2. Background. Regulations require that each agency in GSA-controlled buildings, which includes all DOL occupied space, prohibit the smoking of tobacco products in all interior space owned, rented, or leased by the executive branch of the Federal Government, and in any outdoor areas under executive branch control in front of air intake ducts.
  3. Policy. The smoking policy complies with all government wide rules, regulations, and guidance. The Department maintains a smoke-free environment for Federal and contract employees and members of the public visiting and using space owned, rented, or leased by the Department of Labor. Smoking of tobacco products is prohibited in all interior space, with the exception of designated smoking areas in buildings, other than the Frances Perkins Building, that are ventilated directly to the outside and maintained under negative pressure. The Department of Labor employees located in leased space must comply with smoking requirements of the lessor.

    In order to protect workers and visitors from environmental tobacco smoke, smoking is prohibited at and around doorways, in courtyards, in any outdoor areas in front of air intake ducts, and at portions of the FPB rooftop. Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas, which are identified with suitable, uniform signs. The designated areas in the FPB are on the second floor outside balcony and on the West side of the sixth floor rooftop including the enclosed area outside the cafeteria. The Department provides adequate ashtrays or receptacles in the designated areas.

    If an employee observes violations to this policy, they should report the violations to the Director, BOC.