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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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Emergency Management Center (EMC)

National Office Continuity

Continuity is a Federal initiative, required by Presidential Directive, to ensure that Executive Branch Departments and Agencies, including the Department of Labor (DOL), are able to continue to perform their essential functions during disasters or incidents that threaten to disrupt normal operations, including: natural, man-made, and technological emergencies.

Today's changing threat environment and recent emergencies emphasize the importance of continuity planning. A variety of emergencies could impact DOL personnel and/or facilities, thereby affecting the Department's ability to carry out its missions. The DOL Continuity Plan documents the process by which the Department will ensure the safety and security of all personnel and the performance of essential functions, regardless of circumstance.

The DOL Continuity Plan is composed of three components that take into consideration the diversity of the Department, both geographically and in the variety of missions it performs for the American workforce. The DOL Continuity Plan includes the DOL National Office/Headquarters, Agencies (or sub-organizations), and Regions. DOL Agencies and Regions maintain their individual continuity plans and control access. In accordance with Presidential Policy Directive 40, National Continuity Policy, dated July 15, 2016, the DOL Emergency Management Center (EMC) provides oversight and guidance for the DOL Continuity Program to ensure a viable continuity capability.

Through collaboration with the EMC, the National Office Agency Continuity Coordinators lead continuity planning efforts for their agency personnel. Continuity planning is a collaborative process involving valuable input and support from National Office Agencies for inclusion into the consolidated and cohesive National Office Continuity Plan that complies with federal continuity requirements and continuity planning “best practices.”

For more information, please contact the Department of Labor Emergency Management Center at:
Phone: (202) 693-7555