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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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Emergency Management Center (EMC) Organization Chart

EMC org chart

The Emergency Management Center, with Greg Rize as Director, directly oversees the following programs and staff personnel: Deputy Director and Continuity of Government Program Manager Mary Jo Hogan; Thomas DeBusk, Administration/Special Projects and Continuity of Government Program Manager; and an Administrative Assistant position, which is currently vacant.

The following staff members/programs are overseen by Deputy Director Mary Jo Hogan: Continuity Program Manager, Keithe Bradford; Test, Training and Exercise Program Manager, Robert Butler; Communications Security Program Manager and Emergency Operations Center Manager, Carolyn Grubbs; and Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience and Special Projects Manager, Betty Sloan.

The Continuity Program is supported by the National Mine Health and Safety Academy Continuity Facility Coordinator and Operations Security Program Manager, Anthony (Shane) Alexander; Nick Pilant and another support position that is currently vacant.

The Test, Training and Exercise Program is supported by Jessica Costa.

The Emergency Operations Center is supported by Antonio Strong.