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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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Evaluations for EBSA Category Rating Jobs

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All qualified applicants will be placed into the following quality categories for purposes of referral and selection:

Category A: Qualified applicants who exhibit a high level competency on the evaluation factors.

Category B: Qualified applicants who do not exhibit a high level of competency, but who clearly exceed a moderate level of competency, on the evaluation factors.

Category C: Qualified applicants who exhibit a moderate level of competency on the evaluation factors.

Category D: Qualified applicants who exhibit a basic level of competency on the evaluation
factors, including all applicants who were not referred for a panel review.

Evaluation Tools

  1. Minimum qualifications review;
  2. Automated evaluation of on-line vacancy questionnaire;
  3. Review panel evaluation of narrative questionnaire responses;
  4. Interviews may be conducted of candidates who are referred for selection consideration.

Completing the Vacancy Questions

  1. Your qualifications for this position will be evaluated based on your responses to the vacancy-specific questions.  All of the information that you provide may be verified by a review of the work experience and/or education as shown in the entirety of your application, by checking references and through other means, such as the interview process.  The examining Human Resources Office (HRO) makes the final determination concerning applicant ratings.  It is essential that your resume provide sufficient information to substantiate your responses in the self-assessment vacancy questions.  If your responses are not adequately substantiated by your resume, the HRO will amend your responses to more accurately reflect the level of competency that is indicated by the content of your resume.  Any exaggeration of your experience, false statements or attempts to conceal information may be grounds for not hiring you, or for firing you after you begin work. 
  2. NOTICE:  Your responses to the narrative questions on this vacancy questionnaire are a critical element in the evaluation process and are a significant factor in determining whether or not you are referred for further consideration.  Therefore, you must make every effort to read these questions carefully and to respond to each element of the question as directly and fully as possible, providing as much relevant detail as possible about your experience.  Simply referring to or "cutting and pasting" from your resume when responding to these narrative questions may diminish your likelihood of referral.

Evaluation Factors (Competencies)

All qualified applicants will be evaluated on the following competencies:

  1. Communication Skills:  Clearly, effectively and persuasively conveys information (orally and in writing) to individuals and groups.
  2. Individual and Interpersonal Effectiveness:  Organizes work and sets realistic personal goals; displays a high level of initiative, effort, and commitment towards completing assignments in a timely manner; is motivated to achieve; demonstrates responsible behavior.  Demonstrates interpersonal skills that support an environment in which constructive communications take place.
  3. Technology Application:  Uses computers and computer software applications.
  4. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving:  Identifies and analyzes problems; determines accuracy and relevancy of information; uses sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives and make recommendations.  Identifies rules, principles, or relationships that explain facts, data, or other information; analyzes information and makes correct inferences or draws accurate conclusions.

Please see “Application of Veterans Preference for Category Rating Jobs” for more information.