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Doors to Employment: Step-by-Step Job Application Guide

The Department of Labor (DOL) Online Opportunities Recruitment System (DOORS) is an automated e-Recruit system that allows you to access vacancy announcements and apply for jobs. DOORS is fully integrated with USAJOBS, the official job Web site of the U.S. Government.

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1. Search for DOL JOBS

Find DOL jobs by visiting one of these two Web sites:

DOL Web site:

  • Enter your job search preferences.
  • Scroll to bottom of page and answer 'Applicant Eligibility' question.

    NOTE: Click YES if you are a Federal employee or meet other specified criteria.
  • Click Search graphic

USAJOBS Web site:

  • Search jobs by entering a job title, keywords, and/or a location. Click on button reading 'Search Jobs'
  • Use the Refine Your Results options.
    • You can search by Grade, Job Categories, Agency, Salary etc.
    • For DOL specific vacancies, select 'Department of Labor under 'Agency.'

2. Create a USAJOBS Account

  • Access the USAJOBS Web site:
  • Click on the Create An Account link in the upper right.
  • Fill out the requested information. When finished, click I agree. Create My Account.

3. Get the Latest Job Postings

The USAJOBS Saved Searches automatically searches for vacancies and notifies you by e-mail on a regular basis.

To set up a new Saved Search:

  • Access, click on Sign In and log into your account.
  • Click on Saved Searches under ‘My Account’ and click on Create a new saved search.
  • Specify your search criteria and how often you wish to receive e-mail notifications.
  • Name your Saved Search and click on Save Search . You can create up to 10 job Saved Search.

4. Create Your Resume and Upload Documents in USAJOBS

You have two options to create your resume 1) Build your resume (Preferred Method) and 2) Upload your resume.

Build Your Resume

  • Access, click on Sign In and log into your account.
  • Click on Resumes and select Build New Resume.
  • Complete the 5 steps below to build your resume. Click on button reading '?' for additional information.
    1. Experience 2. Education 3. Other 4. References 5. Preview and Finish
    • To ADD an item such as Experience, complete the fields first, then click button reading 'Add Experience'
    • To make a CHANGE, click in the field, edit and select Save.
    • To DELETE a resume click the Delete option under the resume name.

Upload Your Resume

  • Click on Resumes and click on Upload New Resume
  • Name your resume in the blank field provided.
  • Click Browse and select the file you wish to use.
  • Click Upload

Upload Supporting Documents

  • Upload up to 6 documents with your resume, such as Cover Letter, DD-214, ST-15, ST-50, OF-306, transcripts or other types of documents.
  • Under 'My Account,' select Saved Documents and enter a name for the attachment.
  • Select the document type.
  • Click Upload

5. Apply for a Vacancy

  • Return to STEP 1 to search for jobs and get a list of vacancies.
  • Click on job title and select each tab to view details of the announcement.
  • button reading 'Overview' with mutliple navigation buttons

  • Click button reading 'Apply Online'. Log into USAJOBS, if you are not currently logged in.
  • Select your resume and any supporting documents, check the 'Certify' box, and click Apply for this Position Now!
  • You will be taken to DOL's DOORS application system.
    • Click Apply for this Vacancy. If not already registered in DOORS, you will need to create your DOL profile account first.
    • Answer the Vacancy questions.
    • On the Documents screen, submit the appropriate documents. For more information, read How to Submit Supplemental Documentation.
    • Review your application and click Send Me Questions and Answers.

6. Edit Your Application

  • Access, click on Sign In and log into your account.
  • Click on Application Status. You may access your applications for the past 18 months.
  • Under the Job Summary heading, click on the title of the application you wish to edit. Note: The vacancy must still be open in order to edit the application.
  • Click button reading 'Update Application'.
  • To make edits, proceed to the section to edit and make changes. The new information will replace the original entry.

7. Check Job Status

USAJOBS tracks jobs for 18 months.

  • Go to, login (if necessary), and select Application Status.
  • Your job application history will be displayed.
  • Under the 'Application Status' column, click the more information link.