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The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is charged with preparing America’s workers for new and better jobs in the 21st Century work force and ensuring the adequacy of America's work places.  The Department enforces Federal statutes, which cover a wide variety of workplace activities to include protecting workers' wages, health, safety, employment, and pension rights; promoting equal employment opportunity; and administering job training, unemployment insurance, and workers' compensation programs.  The Department also collects, analyzes, and publishes labor and economic statistics; helps develop international trade and economic policies affecting American workers; promotes improved conditions for women in the work place; and devises programs to provide veterans with training and employment services.

The recruitment, hiring, and retention of high quality diverse employees in the Department are essential in performing our critical mission.  To further this purpose, we have established business school contacts to share information about our programs and employment opportunities

MBA Fellows Program

The MBA Fellows Program in an integral part of Secretary Chao’s efforts to attract employees with the business skills to bring new approaches to government.   Since the program inception in June 2002, the Department has established a marketing campaign, including publishing news releases, launching a website, distributing the MBA tool kits and conducting targeted recruitment at business schools nation-wide.  Business school graduates and experienced professionals can apply for career opportunities under the MBA Fellows Program.  To date, the Department has hired 92 Fellows participating in a two-year comprehensive development and training program to prepare them for future leadership positions in the Department.

What is the MBA Internship Program?

The MBA Internship Program is a student employment program which affords graduate business students an opportunity to work on a variety of projects throughout the year.  In most instances, students are interested in working during the summer months. Through the MBA Internship Program, students will gain experience in such areas as strategic and human capital planning, quantitative and qualitative management, and fiscal planning.

The purpose of the internship is to have students assigned to tasks that enable them to transfer their classroom activities to actual work experience.  The MBA Internship Program serves as a recruitment source for potential employment opportunities in the Department.

What are the agency benefits for participating in the MBA Internship Program?

Internships are a great way to bring in talented business school students who can contribute to the organization’s work with new ideas and energy.  Internships provide managers with an effective, low-risk evaluation and training ground for prospective full-time employees.


How do students benefit from internships?

  • Earn salary to offset educational expenses
  • Opportunity to earn academic credit
  • Participate in meaningful work assignments relative to their academic area
  • Opportunities to apply business school concepts to work assignments
  • Exposure to public service careers
  • Develop a network of professional contacts for future opportunities

Types of Internships

There are three different types of internships:

Academic credit - Students coordinate the requirements of the internship with the school. Assignments are selected based on the academic requirements of the student. Final determination is made in consultation between the student, academic advisors and the Department of Labor. This type of internship is non-paid and occurs during the school year.

Details of the internship are outlined in an agreement, which is signed by the student, academic institution and the Department of Labor. Assignments are commensurate with the student's academic schedule. The length of the assignment is included in the signed agreement.

Voluntary - Student volunteers are involved in professional projects and work activities related to their academic studies. The assignments and/or tasks are clearly outlined in a signed agreement. Students can work based on their availability throughout the school year.

Paid - Students selected for paid internships are assigned to specific projects with definitive outcomes. Projects are structured to provide full-time meaningful work experience. Paid internships are assigned during the summer and may run from May to late August. MBA Interns assigned during the summer may also be extended to work throughout the school year based on their availability.

Students in paid internships earn between $1,216 to $1,508 bi-weekly. Students may work full or part-time schedules. There are no limitations on the number of hours an intern can work per week, but the student's work schedule should not interfere with their academic schedule.







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