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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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Office of Administrative Services (OAS)


The Office of Administrative Services (OAS) provides a wide range of administrative services and policies in support of the Department of Labor programs. OAS provides department wide policy for space management, real property management, energy management and sustainability, personal property management, telecommunications management, mail management, passport issuance and management, printing management, building use and management, parking, and vehicle fleet management. OAS provides direct customer service support for DOL programs and employees located in the national office including:

  1. operation of a "one-stop" customer service office to process the diverse administrative requirements for clients in the Frances Perkins Building (FPB);
  2. directs the building management program for the FPB, including building maintenance in accordance with GSA's delegated authority, and engineering and space alteration services; and
  3. property disposal for DOL offices in the National Office area.
Additionally OAS operates DOL's printing management, duplication and distribution program pursuant to guidance of the Joint Committee on Printing and Government Printing Office (GPO) regulations, and coordinates and implements the DOL real property, space management, energy management and sustainability, mail management, passport issuance, personal property, fleet management and telecommunications management programs nation-wide.

The Director, Office of Administrative Services, oversees policy development and administers and implements the programs under the Office of Administrative Services. Additionally, the Director serves as the Department's Real Property Executive and serves as the alternate for the Department's Senior Sustainability Officer.

Phil Puckett, Director (202) 693-6665