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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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Competitive Sourcing

Department of Labor (DOL) FY 2005 Competitive Sourcing Program Alignment with Strategic Management of Human Capital Initiatives

The Department of Labor has continued close coordination of its competitive sourcing and strategic human capital management initiatives to ensure successful achievement of the Department’s Competitive Sourcing plan, as approved by the Office of Management and Budget.  The results reflect considerable strides in furthering our human capital management goals in relation to competitive sourcing.  Major endeavors include: educating the workforce; obtaining authority to offer Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA) through the end of FY 2006; letting a contract to develop automated systems that will more closely track the movement and redistribution of federal full-time equivalents following the completion of competitions; continuing the Department’s interagency Competitive Sourcing Workgroup (CSW); and providing transitional services for employees affected by A-76 competitive sourcing.  Details of these efforts include:

  • Education of our workforce has included: offering coordinated training sessions on the FAIR Act inventory; training in the overall A-76 process, most efficient organization (MEO), and the HR Role in competitive sourcing; conducting employee and management meetings; and conducting workshops on competitive application and Department of Labor On-line Opportunities Recruitment System (DOORS), Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills, Strategies for Managing Your Career, and Writing An Individual Development Plan.
  • Continued to offer the flexibility of Voluntary Early Retirement to minimize disruption. 
  • Transitional services included: administering assessment instruments and tools to identify functional and transferable skills and career interests.  One-on-one counseling appointments to integrate assessments results, and Individual Development Plans into a comprehensive strategy for career management, and pursuit of education interests.  To date, no employee has been RIF’d as a result of competitive sourcing.
  • Initiated development of automated systems that will enable the Department to more effectively carry out responsibilities for managing the workforce in response to the competitive sourcing competitions, and for the Competitive Sourcing Placement Official to conduct the business of placing potentially affected employees.
  • Continued to hold bi-weekly meetings of the Department-wide Competitive Sourcing Workgroup (CSW) during which a variety of issues related to Agency’s human resources role and responsibility for carrying out the competitive sourcing initiative are discussed.  In addition, a 3-day CSW subgroup meeting was conducted to discuss and make recommendations on Departmentwide policy on the most efficient and effective procedures for human resource considerations that result from Enterprise-wide (multi-agency) competitions.