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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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Section 647 Transmittal Letter to Selective Members of Congress

The following is the unaddressed text of DOL's Section 647 Report Transmittal letter that was hand carried to 14 selective Members of Congress on December 29th, 2005. The report addresses the Department's FY2005 Competitive Sourcing activities.

"In compliance with Section 647(b) of Division F of the FY 2004 Consolidated Appropriations Act (P.L. 108-199), and on behalf of the Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao, I am pleased to submit the following enclosed documents pertaining to the Department of Labor's (DOL) FY 2005 Competitive Sourcing activities:

  • A spreadsheet summarizing programmatic information concerning the Department's eight (8) FY 2005 completed competitions. See Attachment 1.
  • A spreadsheet summarizing programmatic information concerning the Department's five (5) FY 2005 publicly announced competitions that are presently in progress. See Attachment 2.
  • A spreadsheet depicting total actual savings for two (2) of the Department's competitions that were completed in FY 2004. See Attachment 3.
  • A discussion of steps the Department has taken to align its competitive sourcing and strategic human capital management initiatives. See Attachment 4.

The Department plans to conduct competitions involving approximately 833 full time employee equivalents in FY 2006.

The enclosed materials have been prepared in accordance with guidance in OMB Memorandum M-06-01 (October 7, 2005). If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact me on (202) 693-4040, or have a member of your staff contact Larry Clark, Director, Office of Competitive Sourcing, at (202) 693-4020 or via e-mail at


Patrick Pizzella
Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management,
Competitive Sourcing Official