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Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management
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November 1, 2004

Department of Labor (DOL) Competitive Sourcing Program Alignment with Strategic Management of Human Capital Initiatives

The Department closely coordinates its competitive sourcing and strategic human capital management initiatives to ensure they support one another, both of which are vital components of the President's Management Agenda.

DOL's 2003 — 2008 Human Capital Strategic Plan includes the following key initiatives that directly relate to competitive sourcing, and are reviewed on a recurring basis to ensure programmatic success:

  • Workforce and succession planning efforts, including agency restructuring efforts
  • Agency restructuring, including regional activities' consolidation
  • Redeployment of positions resulting from technology innovations

Additionally, those DOL federal positions that are deemed mission-critical are carefully reviewed in the annual Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act Inventory process, and in the preliminary planning phase or feasibility study phase of a public-private competition to determine the suitability of including or excluding such positions from public-private competition.

DOL has also created special initiatives and resources to address the needs and concerns of DOL employees, including:

  • The development of updated policy regarding the Career Transition Assistance and Placement Program (CTAPP), which is designed to help place affected employees in other positions within DOL, depending on position availability and employee qualifications.
  • The designation of a DOL “Competitive Sourcing Placement Official (CSPO)” whose role is to provide guidance on the interplay of competitive sourcing and workforce planning, whereby placement coordination is taken when an individual agency has exhausted its internal efforts to place employees affected by competitive sourcing. In addition, the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management's Career Assistance Center (CAC) offers a broad range of career transition counseling and training services. The CSPO and CAC work together with Agency Human Resources Offices to achieve a smooth transition (“soft landing”) for employees affected by competitive sourcing or organizational realignment outcomes.
  • Agency representatives of the Department's Competitive Sourcing Work Group serve as “communication advocates” for employees in the DOL Agency they represent by advising employees about the purpose, scope and workforce ramifications of the Competitive Sourcing Program.
  • Development of a comprehensive DOL Competitive Sourcing Manager's Guide that includes a communication plan that mutually supports competitive sourcing and strategic human capital planning and implementation.

In the coming months, the Office of Competitive Sourcing will work closely with the Office of Human Resources' Workforce Planning Office and with the Office of the Chief Financial Officer to study the feasibility of seamlessly integrating Competitive Sourcing program management data and FAIR Act data into existing DOL FTE and position management databases. Establishing this linkage could dramatically improve program management planning and evaluation capabilities in better aligning the Department's Competitive Sourcing Program to Strategic Human Capital Management initiatives.