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Business Operations Center
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Office of Procurement Policy (OPP)

The Office of Procurement Policy (OPP) within OASAM's Business Operations Center, establishes the procurement and grant policy for the Department of Labor. OPP implements responsibilities of the DOL Competition Advocate, and provides staff support to the Procurement Review Board. OPP also implements the procurement oversight functions of DOL, including consolidation of DOL's Annual Acquisition Plan and Procurement Forecast; managing DOL Debarments and Suspensions, Acquisition Management Systems administration; conducting procurement management reviews of regional and national offices; maintenance of all procurement data on the Federal Procurement Data System and grant data on the Federal Assistance Award Data System, both of which can be accessed at; representing DOL on the Civilian Agency Acquisition Council and the Procurement Executive on other procurement and grant related intra- and inter-agency task force sets DOL procurement and grant policy. Administers DOL Purchase Card Program and provides staff to implement policy.

Questions or concerns, please contact, or by mail at:
Office of Procurement Policy / OASAM
U.S. Department of Labor
200 Constitution Ave NW
Room N-2445
Washington, DC 20210